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Achieving Your Japanese Goals: March 2015

Achieving Your Japanese Goals - March 2015

When it comes to studying Japanese we all have goals. Big and small. Short and long. Grand and simple. Failed and achieved. We all want “achieved.” But things get in the way. I want to prevent this from happening. In the comments section of this post, write down specific goals you want to achieve by the end of next month, March. Before April 1st: Come back … Continue reading

Retro Games And Nostalgia To Boost Your Japanese

Retro Games And Nostalgia To Boost Your Japanese 15

I grew up in the golden age of gaming, filled with fond memories of spending hours in front of the divine gift from the heavens, the NES and SNES. Magazine reviews and recommendations from friends helped guide you on your path towards expensive purchases ($99 in Australia!). With the ability only to get a few games a year, you ended up with greatness or garbage, … Continue reading

Jalup Expert – The Path To Fluency (Pre-Order Stage 3)

$49.99 / each

With the Jalup Beginner, I set out to tackle all the things I didn’t like about beginner textbooks, cut out the unnecessary filler, and provide a self-building, intuition-forming guide to get you ready for J-J, native media, and fun. With Jalup Intermediate, using only the words and grammar found in Jalup Beginner, I tried to take you as smoothly as possible into J-J. While the … Continue reading

Japanese Recommendation Exchange – February 2015

Japanese Recommendation Exchange – February 2015

I know you have found some really fun Japanese material in February 2015. The purpose of this series is to discuss and exchange the newest j-dramas, movies, variety shows, books, manga, anime, music, media, video games, etc. It’s time to share what everyone is excited about and experiencing right now. So I ask you: 1. What are you watching? 2. What are you reading? 3. What … Continue reading

Daily Defender: Mastering The Everyday


You spend a large amount of time in your home. Unless that home is in Japan, there isn’t much visual Japanese around you. Well why not wake up and turn everything you see into Japanese, from your alarm clock to the door as you leave your home for school or work. Let’s bring back the old-school sticker method There is an old tactic that has … Continue reading

Japanese Power Level Test – Round 4

Japanese Power Level Test – Round 4

Directions (*Important Read*) Reading: Write out the full sentence in kana. Writing:  Fill in the missing blank(s) with the most appropriate characters/word(s) Listening: Listen to the audio sentence. Then transcribe (write out) the full sentence in either kana or kanji. Speaking: Listen to the audio sentence. If the blank comes before the audio, say out loud what would result in the audio response. If the blank comes … Continue reading

7 Late Night J-Dramas That Raise The Bar

7 After Midnight J-Dramas That Raised The Bar - 10

Ever in the mood to watch a good jdrama, but are either short on time or don’t want to get heavily invested in a sizable cast with all the plots and subplots a lot of shows offer? As always, Japan has got you covered! Once midnight rolls around, a different type of drama airs. These run about half an hour per episode, with smaller casts … Continue reading