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Is It Okay To Be Obsessed With Learning Japanese?

Is It Okay To Be Obsessed With Learning Japanese 2

Are you obsessed with learning Japanese? Do you think about it all the time? Does your schedule, regardless of your day, manage to fit it in wherever you can? When you aren’t studying Japanese do you sometimes wish you could be? Are you envisioning yourself soaring through Japanese skies on your samurai flying horse? Great. Being obsessed, from the outside, looks like something that should … Continue reading

What Victory Percentage Would You Play For?

What Victory Percentage Would You Play For

Not everyone who studies Japanese will make it to fluency. Many won’t make it to advanced, or even intermediate. It’s just a fact of life you have to accept when going into the game. No matter how bad you wanted it, how loud you shouted “I’m going to become fluent no matter what” to the world, there is a chance you won’t make it (much … Continue reading

Learn Japanese Through A Game Or As A Game?

Learn Japanese Through A Game Or As A Game 2

The concept behind this site is pretty straightforward by now. Treat learning Japanese as a game, where you are the hero. For a long time I thought about what would happen if you could take it a step further. A fully immersive and exciting game that by playing it you will learn Japanese. This seemed like the next logical phase, as why treat something as a … Continue reading

Kanji Kingdom: Stage 1-2

$19.99 / Stage

Kanji. Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of millions of Japanese learners worldwide as much as this one simple word. Every learner before you and all those after you will face the same terrifying opponent. An opponent that isn’t even the final boss. It has the strength of a final boss yet appears at the very beginning of the game and lingers around for weeks, … Continue reading