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Renting Middle-Aged Men In Japan

Renting Middle-Aged Men In Japan 2

You ever sit back and reflect upon something that might be missing in your life? Of course you have. And Japan once again comes up with the answer. You can now rent an おっさん (Ossan) or a middle-aged Japanese man with the click of a button. At a cost of 1000 yen an hour, you can have your choice of middle aged men and borrow … Continue reading

Achieving Your Japanese Goals: September 2015

Achieving Your Japanese Goals - September 2015

When it comes to studying Japanese we all have goals. Big and small. Short and long. Grand and simple. Failed and achieved. We all want “achieved.” But things get in the way. I want to prevent this from happening. In the comments section of this post, write down specific goals you want to achieve by the end of next month, September. Before October 1st: Come back … Continue reading

Completely Changing The Order You Learn The Kana

Completely Changing The Way You Learn The Kana

Japanese kana (hiragana and katakana) is the first thing you learn. There’s no way around this. Whether it takes you a few days or a few weeks, it is an acceptable challenge and time commitment. While you can do this through Anki, games, songs, or even Doraemon, the learning order is the same. You go one kana at a time, starting with あいうえお, かきくけこ, and so … Continue reading

Jalup Group Challenge: The Summer Of RTK (Final Update)

Jalup Group Challenge - The Summer Of RTK 1

Interested in trying to master kanji with Remembering The Kanji (RTK), but never got around to doing it? Maybe you don’t have the motivation. Or you don’t want to go at it alone. Or maybe you just need a good push. Every month on Jalup, there has been an “achieving your goals” post where people post their Japanese goals for the month, and then a … Continue reading

Jalup Expert – Path To Fluency (Stage 7 Pre-Order)

$49.99 / Stage

With the Jalup Beginner, I set out to tackle all the things I didn’t like about beginner textbooks, cut out the unnecessary filler, and provide a self-building, intuition-forming guide to get you ready for J-J, native media, and fun. With Jalup Intermediate, using only the words and grammar found in Jalup Beginner, I tried to take you as smoothly as possible into J-J. While the … Continue reading

Japanese Recommendation Exchange – August 2015

Japanese Recommendation Exchange – August 2015

I know you have found some really fun Japanese material in August 2015. The purpose of this series is to discuss and exchange the newest j-dramas, movies, variety shows, books, manga, anime, music, media, video games, etc. It’s time to share what everyone is excited about and experiencing right now. So I ask you: 1. What are you watching? 2. What are you reading? 3. What … Continue reading

Jalup Group Challenge 3: The J-J Sentence Siege

Jalup Group Challenge 3 - J-J Sentence Siege

Interested in trying to make the Japanese-Japanese transition with 1000 sentences but never got around to doing it? Maybe you don’t have the motivation. Or you don’t want to go at it alone. Or maybe you just need a good push. It’s time to form the next group of people who are trying to accomplish a specific major milestone in their Japanese studying, set a … Continue reading