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Start your Japanese adventure: Wander the land. Navigate the language. Explore the culture. Befriend the people. This is your guide to a vast and unfamiliar world. This is your quest. Make it a memorable one.

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Jalup Kanji Assist 1

Jalup Kanji Assist 2

How’s that kanji studying coming along? Already decided that Remembering The Kanji (RTK) isn’t for you? Going through the Jalup Beginner, but feel like your lack of kanji ability is a hindrance? Do you need an assist? After being asked repeatedly if it is okay to do the Jalup Beginner without having done RTK, I wanted to see if I could create a nice balance … Continue reading

When Asking Someone Out Is Ambiguous – 付き合ってください

When Asking Someone Out Is Ambiguous

You like someone romantically. 好きです (I like/love you)!You want to ask that person out? 付き合ってください (Please go out with me)!You now have yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend (彼氏・彼女). Congratulations! Straightforward Japan. No ambiguity (曖昧さ). Ha. 付き合ってください is the polite request form of 付き合う. Which has the following diverse group of meanings: 1. Hang out with 2. Go somewhere with 3. Go around together with 4. Keep company … Continue reading

Jalup RTK Mod Anki Deck (Deutsche Version)


Auf Nachfrage einiger Leser, die viel Zeit benötigten um das Anki Deck so einzurichten wie ich empfahl, habe ich mich entschieden, mein persönliches Anki Kanji Deck auf diese Webseite gratis hochzuladen und den Benutzern zur Verfügung zu stellen. Dieses Deck beinhaltet die zeitaufwändigen und schwierigen Änderungen, die ich über die Jahre gemacht habe und stellt es euch in einem einfach zu verwendenden Packet zur Verfügung. … Continue reading

How To Make Ramen Even Healthier Than It Already Is

(Miso Butter Corn Ramen - 味噌バターコーンらメーン)

Everyone knows of the health value of Japanese ramen. It falls somewhere between a fruit and a vegetable, and according to the Japanese Health Ministry (厚生労働省), 2-4 servings a day are recommended. Most people who gaze upon the healthy shine of the soup and the high nutrient toppings are usually satisfied. It even cures an upset stomach (万能薬). But some people want to make ramen … Continue reading

The Bowl Of The Living Udon – Best Storybook Ever

Humanoid Udon Makes For A Good Storybook

Ever eat udon? Good. Ever read a children’s book? Good. I’m assuming then you’ve thought about the brilliant collaboration the two could possibly have. I introduce you to the popular children’s book うどんのうーやん (Udon Uyan). A loving and heartwarming tale of a young boy on his mission to create delicious udon? Nooooo… The story of a giant bowl of udon and his quest to live like … Continue reading

Turn Your iPhone Into A Samurai Sword

Turn Your iPhone Into A Samurai Sword 1

You know those moments where history cringes at what we’ve done to it? Well here’s one for you. Take a samurai sword. Take an iPhone. Kinda similar. And turn them into one (フュー~ジョン・・・ハっ!). Now, imagine you are holding one of these as you walk through Tokyo (目立ちがり屋). Holding it up to talk. Taking a picture. Taking a selfie. You too can be a modern samurai … Continue reading

Hey, Big Brother 1: On Kotatsu

Hey Big Brother 1 - On Kotatsu - sample

Do you like slice of life yonkoma (4 panel manga)? Do you like stories with families in them? How about families with siblings? Do you like coolheaded teenage male characters? Named Sky? Do you like energetic, inquisitive little girl characters? Named Momo? Are you annoyed by all these suspiciously specific questions yet? Well, you’re in luck! I have a new original Jalup manga for you … Continue reading

Dramatic And Motivational Presentation Of Wa (は) Vs Ga (が)

Dramatic And Motivational Presentation of Wa vs Ga 2

The difference between absolutely essential grammar は and が is one of the most fearsome struggles for any Japanese learner. You usually have one of two options after learning the basics. Read and learn in depth the subtle and detailed differences between the two, hoping to be able to put that to accurate practice. Or you hope to acquire it naturally through enough exposure and … Continue reading

Video Game Twisted Translations 4: Ducktales

Ducktales translation 8

Ducktales: A Nintendo game with the noble goal of gathering as much money and treasure as possible by stamping on every living thing in sight with your expensively made cane. And Scrooge needs that money. Gotta swim in something right? Let’s take a look at 5 interesting translation choices. Leave your comments below with why you think they made these decisions. 5. Might as well change the … Continue reading

The Most Powerful Compliment To An Older Japanese Woman

The Most Powerful Compliment To An Older Japanese Woman

Everyone loves a good compliment, especially when it isn’t forced, and flows naturally into the conversation as an unexpected bonus. Calling a girl かわいい (cute)、綺麗 (pretty)、美人 (beauty)、or hitting on any specific body features, or personality traits, or even just general character are the typical way most people go. But there is one word, so powerful that it will smite even the most hardened of people. … Continue reading