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Jalup Legends

Jalup Legends 4

You are on your Japanese journey. Adventure and excitement. Challenge and struggle. You are living your own legend. Hopefully Jalup has been a useful guide for you. But it’s time to go deeper More content. More experience. More guidance. More teamwork. More victory. Welcome to Jalup Legends A “guild” bringing together all of you seeking Japanese glory. Want to be around others with as fierce … Continue reading

Improve Your Listening Ability Just By Using Earphones

Improve Your Listening Ability Just By Using Earphones

I once talked about how there is a major difference between not understanding and not hearing. Regardless of your level, sometimes when it is hard to hear things you misinterpret this as your listening ability just lacking. I was talking about this in the context of conversation, and all the variables that affect your actual ability to hear something.   But it goes beyond conversation and … Continue reading

Finding The Kanji That Stands Out

Finding The Kanji That Stands Out Game 2

I know you love to stare at kanji all day long. Hours upon hours of a never ending gaze at those beautiful little symbols that create a mountain of meaning. Well how about turning that staring into a game? One that people love to seem to play on Twitter. 1. Take a kanji. 2. Repeat it dozens of time in multiple row. 3. Stick in … Continue reading

Jobs Using Japanese 12: Park Ranger

Jobs Using Japanese 12 - Park Ranger 3

Like nature? How about living in Alaska? How are you gonna use your Japanese in Alaska? Park ranger! Apparently there are a lot of Japanese tourists heading to Alaska these days. You will be the beautiful national park’s go-to-person, doing everything from interpreting programs, guided walks, public address commentaries, talks, cruise ship activities and more. This job has a very intense application and you must … Continue reading

6 Problems About Studying Japanese In 1899

6 Problems About Studying Japanese In 1899 - 4

So you decided you want to learn Japanese. Pull up your horse and carriage and make your way to your local book store. It’s 1899 and you have one book available to you: A Practical Introduction to the Study of Japanese Writing (文字のしるべ) This Japanese textbook, published originally in 1899, provides some incredibly interesting insight on how and why Japanese used to be learned. It’s … Continue reading

Japanese Theme Language Package

Theme Language Package

The Japanese Theme Language Contest had the goal of gathering people of different expertise, and pooling all of their specialized vocabulary into one place. At 20 cards a person, everyone chose a topic, found 20 sentences with themed vocabulary from that topic, and provided the readings, English definition, and Japanese definition. Their hard effort and amazing work forms the Japanese Theme Language Package. What’s inside? … Continue reading

4 Fun Manga From The 80s/90s You May Have Missed Out On

4 Great Manga from the 80s-90s You May Have Missed 7

We often tend to focus on the more modern manga. Why go back in time when we have so much new manga to enjoy now? Because otherwise you’ll be missing out on some great and unique series! Here are a few of the popular and stand out manga from the late 80s/early 90s. 4. ダイの大冒険 (Dragon Quest) Difficulty: ☆☆ Based off of the popular Nintendo game … Continue reading