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Adjusting The Speed Setting Of Your Japanese Game

Adjusting The Speed Setting Of Your Japanese Game

Sometimes here on Jalup, and on many other sites, there is an image of having to do everything fast. Learn kanji fast. Learn J-E fast. Learn J-J fast. Get to your first novel fast. Get to your first conversations fast. Speeeeeeeeeeeeeed. First one to get to the flag wins. However this is the exception, not the norm. And this is the exception for people who enjoy a … Continue reading

Achieving Your Japanese Goals – May 2016

Achieving Your Japanese Goals - May 2016

When it comes to studying Japanese we all have goals. Big and small. Short and long. Grand and simple. Failed and achieved. We all want “achieved.” But things get in the way. Not any more. In the comments section of this post, write down specific goals you want to achieve for the month of May. By May 31st: Come back to this post, and leave a reply … Continue reading

Japanese Recommendation Exchange – April 2016

Japanese Recommendation Exchange - April 2016

I know you have found some really fun Japanese material in April. The purpose of this series is to discuss and exchange the newest j-dramas, movies, variety shows, books, manga, anime, music, media, video games, etc. It’s time to share what everyone is excited about and experiencing right now. So I ask you: 1. What are you watching? 2. What are you reading? 3. What … Continue reading

Becoming A Japanese Translator: Salary

Becoming A Japanese Translator - Getting Paid 2

Money! When you start thinking about your future, and what the “way of the translator” will bring to your life, thinking about money is inevitable. Will becoming a translator leave you poor and eating instant ramen 3 times a day? Or will it allow you to buy an island in Japan where you can retire? Ways to Get Paid A Japanese translator is usually paid … Continue reading

Jalup Group Challenge 6: Manga Mayhem

Jalup Group Challenge 6 - Manga Mayhem

Want to increase your manga reading pace but never got around to doing it? Maybe you don’t have the motivation. Or you don’t want to go at it alone. Or maybe you just need a good push. It’s time to gather the next group of people who are trying to accomplish a specific major milestone in their Japanese studying, set a reasonable but challenging time frame, … Continue reading

You Need Time To Make More Time

You Need Time To Make More Time 3

Everyone wants more time to study. But sometimes you have to spend time to gain time. Or in simpler words: You have to learn how to find and use time in the best possible way to match whatever way you live your life. Easy enough? I read an interesting passage recently, which narrows the concept down: 山できこりが古いノコギリを使って 、木を切っているのを見て 、 「そんなのこぎりじゃ 、能率悪いよ 。研いだらもっと 、すぐに木を切れるようになる 」とアドバイスしたところ 、そのきこりは … Continue reading

Try Something Completely Different

Try Something Completely Different 1

A lot of people start to develop habits over time of what they watch, read, play, and listen to. You’ve been doing it this way all a long, so might as well just keep down that path. Maybe you only watch shonen anime. Or maybe you only read romance manga. You’ve pegged your likes down to something narrow. By limiting your likes, you are limiting … Continue reading