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Achieving Your Japanese Goals: February 2015

Achieving Your Japanese Goals - February 2015

When it comes to studying Japanese we all have goals. Big and small. Short and long. Grand and simple. Failed and achieved. We all want “achieved.” But things get in the way. I want to prevent this from happening. In the comments section of this post, write down specific goals you want to achieve by the end of next month, January. Before March 1st: Come back … Continue reading

Japanese Power Level Test – Round 1

Japanese Power Level Test - Round 1

You want to know your Japanese level, down to the exact specific details, analyze all your skills, and gauge your progress? The Test Your Might series was designed to be a broad general sweep of measuring your ability. However people have asked for something more concrete, broken down into easy quantifiable portions, and a fun challenge. Japanese Power Level Test will do just that. The … Continue reading

Japanese Recommendation Exchange – January 2015

Japanese Recommendation Exchange – January 2015

I know you have found some really fun Japanese material in January 2015. The purpose of this series is to discuss and exchange the newest j-dramas, movies, variety shows, books, manga, anime, music, media, video games, etc. It’s time to share what everyone is excited about and experiencing right now. So I ask you: 1. What are you watching? 2. What are you reading? 3. What … Continue reading

How To Learn Japanese In 10 Simple Steps

How To Learn Japanese In 10 Simple Steps

So you want to learn Japanese? Great. That’s the very first step in learning Japanese. So how do you learn Japanese? That’s also the very first question you’ll ask in learning Japanese. After hearing this enough times, I realize people sometimes want a simple answer. An answer that they can easily comprehend without diving into too many overwhelming and possibly discouraging details from day 1. … Continue reading

5 Manga With Ambitious And Unstoppable Heroes

5 Manga With Ambitious And Unstoppable Heroes3

5. STEVES Japanese Level: ☆☆☆☆ Are you reading this on an Apple product? Wish there was a super exciting action manga to tell the story of its creators? Steves is the story of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and how they embarked upon the real life computer adventure to change the world. While there is a lot of technical talk, it is nothing over the head … Continue reading



”実家に帰り、家族や親戚と一緒にこたつに入って『NHK紅白歌合戦』と『ゆく年くる年』というテレビ番組を見ながら年越しそばを食べて、初詣に行く” ではないでしょうか?最近では伝統にとらわれない多種多様な年末の過ごし方が増えてきましたが、みなさんはどのような年末年始を過ごしましたか?

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Jalup Expert – The Path To Fluency (Pre-order Stage 1)

$49.99 / Stage

With the Jalup Beginner, I set out to tackle all the things I didn’t like about beginner textbooks, cut out the unnecessary filler, and provide a self-building, intuition-forming guide to get you ready for J-J, native media, and fun. With Jalup Intermediate, using only the words and grammar found in Jalup Beginner, I tried to take you as smoothly as possible into J-J. While the … Continue reading