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Start your Japanese adventure: Wander the land. Navigate the language. Explore the culture. Befriend the people. This is your guide to a vast and unfamiliar world. This is your quest. Make it a memorable one.

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Combining Japanese Classes With Self-Study

Combining Japanese Classes With Self-Study

So you’ve decided to take Japanese classes. But you’ve also decided that you would never let the painfully sluggish pace slow you down, and would continue self-studying like a Japanese language rock star. Then comes a super annoying issue. One Jalup reader in this situation worried about the following: — “My university only offers three semesters of Japanese through Genki 1 (yes, one and a … Continue reading

4 Pieces Of Food Culture Misinformation About The United States

4 Pieces Of Food Culture Misinformation About The US

Japanese people love traveling to other countries. Japanese people love researching and buying guidebooks about traveling to foreign countries. I sometimes believe that they prefer the latter to actually going to the country. You can get a glimpse of this if you’ve ever browsed through the travel section at a Japanese book store. So I came across a Japanese Livedoor article entitled “これをやったら嫌われる!アメリカでタブーな行動” or “If you … Continue reading

Gamer Gates! Step Three!


“Aah. The sakura trees are blooming. Look at how their petals flitter to the water’s surface; ripples forming slowly from–” BANG!! A girl kicks down your door. “No time to write poetry!! THERE’S MONSTERS TO BE SLAIN!” You heard the lady. Time to unsheathe your weapon and get ready to battle. 行くぞーっ!     Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale Genre: Role-playing simulation game This game … Continue reading

Suffering From Junior High School 2nd Year Disease?

Suffering From Junior High School 2nd Year Disease

Japan has some interesting (?) illnesses. 中二病 (ちゅうにびょう) or “Junior High School 2nd Year Illness” is running rampant. And it’s not just limited to Junior High School students. It could be inflicting you, right now. Let’s take this essential quiz right away to diagnose yourself. 1. Are you happy when people tell you that you are different? 2. When your favorite musician suddenly hits it … Continue reading

Does The Japanese Word Itai (痛い) Translate To Ouch?

Does The Japanese Word Itai Translate To Ouch

痛い (itai): Simple. When it’s found in a full sentence, it means “painful” or something “hurts” or is “sore.” No room for discussion. But there is one major situation where the translation strays. And since pain, and expression of that pain happens quite often, it’s good to be clear. Situation: saying 痛い in quick reaction to hurting yourself. The standard definition doesn’t really make sense … Continue reading

Light Up Your Own Japanese Castle

Light Up Your Own Japanese Castle 2

Japanese castles are cool. You know that. They represent massive history and culture and are spread out all over Japan. Wherever you go, you are bound to get some impressive pictures like this: But this is only one half of the scenery. At night, castles light up. Some say it’s due to ancient samurai magic. Others say it is electricity. I’ll let you be the … Continue reading

In A Relationship – Speak In English Or Japanese?


In a relationship with a Japanese guy or girl? Having trouble getting him to talk to you in Japanese? Welcome to a common problem. Even after years of your Japanese ability improving, English may still be the dominant relationship language. The issue usually stems from one or more of the following issues: 1. His English is better than your Japanese 2. You met and developed … Continue reading

Babymetal – Combining Cute Idols With Death Metal

Babymetal - Japan Combines Cute Idols With Death Metal

One of the best things about Japan is that they often take two completely opposite things, and insanely combine them into something ridiculously awesome. So let’s take this: (I never thought this would never appear on this site…) And this: (I also never thought this would appear on this site) And what could possibly result? Babymetal. Or part of a new genre, “kawaii metal” or … Continue reading

Jalup Beginner 1000 – Stage 4 (Final)

Jalup Beginner 1000 - Store Icon

This is part 4 (final stage) of the Jalup Beginner 1000, which is designed to guide you quickly and efficiently through the J-E phase of your Japanese journey. Stage 4 includes: – The last 250 cards in Anki format, bringing up your total to 1000. 1000 is the equivalent of finishing two major beginner textbooks. (Note: As with the first 750 cards, there is also native … Continue reading