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Start your Japanese adventure: Wander the land. Navigate the language. Explore the culture. Befriend the people. This is your guide to a vast and unfamiliar world. This is your quest. Make it a memorable one.

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Studying Japanese Should Not Be Painful

Studying Japanese Should Not Be Painful -

Does everyone remember the old and now ultra cliche phrase “no pain no gain?” Had this been ingrained into your mind from a young age? Are you using this motto to study Japanese? Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Does this remind you of yourself when you open a Japanese textbook? If yes, please stop now. No pain no gain The concept is … Continue reading

Can ん Start A Japanese Sentence?

Can N Start A Japanese Sentence -1

I’ll keep you out of the intense suspense. The answer is yes. But wait! You learned that ん (n) is a word ender, not a word beginner. It has such a strong reputation as a word ender that if you use it in the thrilling Japanese word game shiritori (the game where you have to start a new word with the first character of the … Continue reading

Japanese Recommendation Exchange – April 2014

Japanese Recommendation Exchange - April 2014

I know you have found some really fun Japanese material in April 2014. The purpose of this series is to discuss the newest j-dramas, movies, variety shows, books, magazines, manga, music, media, actors, actresses, video games, etc. It’s time to share what everyone is experiencing right now. So I ask you: 1. What are you watching? 2. What are you reading? 3. What are you playing? 4. What … Continue reading

35 Minute Commercial Disguised As A J-Drama – 俺のダンディズム

35 Minute Commercial Disguised As A J-Drama 5

Japan produces some unique J-dramas sometimes. Unique can be good. Unique can be fun. So when I heard of the new drama 俺のダンディズム (My Dandyism), which bears a surprising similarity to the dandy samurai manga series here on Jalup, I had some high expectations. What could be more wacky than a rigid Japanese businessman trying to pursue dandyism in order to be more popular with his … Continue reading

The Skillful Hands Championship

The Skillful Hands Championship 2

Look at your hands. Good. Now ask yourself: do you have skillful hands? Hard to know right? How would one measure skillful hands? What embodies skillful hands? What are “skillful hands?” These are questions which couldn’t go unanswered. As Japan has many proud skillful hand members of society, something needed to be done. A few decades ago, a tournament was decided. A tournament to end … Continue reading

United States In Japanese Kanji – アメリカの州名を日本語にすると

United States In Japanese Kanji

There was a popular article (and resulting variety show coverage) last year that showed what happens when you take all of the Japanese prefecture names and directly translate them into English. The results were some destinations that absolutely would make you want to visit. Gems included Love Knowledge (愛知), Thousand Leaves (千葉), Bear Book (熊本), and Thorn Castle (茨城). English makes these names hip and … Continue reading

Combining Japanese Classes With Self-Study

Combining Japanese Classes With Self-Study

So you’ve decided to take Japanese classes. But you’ve also decided that you would never let the painfully sluggish pace slow you down, and would continue self-studying like a Japanese language rock star. Then comes a super annoying issue. One Jalup reader in this situation worried about the following: — “My university only offers three semesters of Japanese through Genki 1 (yes, one and a … Continue reading

4 Pieces Of Food Culture Misinformation About The United States

4 Pieces Of Food Culture Misinformation About The US

Japanese people love traveling to other countries. Japanese people love researching and buying guidebooks about traveling to foreign countries. I sometimes believe that they prefer the latter to actually going to the country. You can get a glimpse of this if you’ve ever browsed through the travel section at a Japanese book store. So I came across a Japanese Livedoor article entitled “これをやったら嫌われる!アメリカでタブーな行動” or “If you … Continue reading

Gamer Gates! Step Three!


“Aah. The sakura trees are blooming. Look at how their petals flitter to the water’s surface; ripples forming slowly from–” BANG!! A girl kicks down your door. “No time to write poetry!! THERE’S MONSTERS TO BE SLAIN!” You heard the lady. Time to unsheathe your weapon and get ready to battle. 行くぞーっ!     Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale Genre: Role-playing simulation game This game … Continue reading

Suffering From Junior High School 2nd Year Disease?

Suffering From Junior High School 2nd Year Disease

Japan has some interesting (?) illnesses. 中二病 (ちゅうにびょう) or “Junior High School 2nd Year Illness” is running rampant. And it’s not just limited to Junior High School students. It could be inflicting you, right now. Let’s take this essential quiz right away to diagnose yourself. 1. Are you happy when people tell you that you are different? 2. When your favorite musician suddenly hits it … Continue reading