10 Better Ways To Say It: 嫌い

You don’t want boring Japanese. You want beautiful Japanese. You don’t want to show that you don’t care with repetitive phrases. You want to show passion with meaningful phrases. You don’t want tiring one word answers. You want a string of Japanese ownage the likes which this land has never seen.

Part 2 of the “10 Better Ways To Say It” series, which takes some of the most common plain phrases, and turns the flame up 9000 degrees.

嫌い (きらい): dislike, hate, disgust

10 Better Ways To Say It - kirai

10. 生理的に無理

(That’s) instinctively (physiologically) impossible (for me).

9. すっかり興ざめする

That’s a complete kill-joy.

8. この上なく不快

There’s nothing more unpleasant than this.

7. 身震いがするほど嫌い

I dislike it so much it makes me shake.

6. 吐き気がするほど不快

It’s so unpleasant I feel like vomiting.

5. 顔をそむけずにいられないほど激しい嫌気

I have disgust so fierce that I can’t help but turn my face away.

4. 胃に穴が開くような気がする

Feels like a hole was ripped open in my stomach.

3. 土足で頭を踏みにじられる思い

It’s a feeling of having my head stepped on with someone wearing shoes.

2. 釜の中で煮られるような思い

It’s a feeling as though I’m being boiled inside a pot.

1. 日常から一気に魔界に落ちたよう

Feels like I was suddenly dropped from my normal life into the demon world.

What other better ways do you know to say 嫌い?

Leave them in the comments below!


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    • 生理の意味を知らなかったから生理のは辞書で調べました。三語の意味がありますからググるしました。すぐにメンスを見つけちゃった。やっぱ最初意味だと思う。。。。ー。ー’’

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