10 Better Ways To Say It: おいしい

You don’t want boring Japanese. You want beautiful Japanese. You don’t want to show that you don’t care with repetitive phrases. You want to show passion with meaningful expression. You don’t want tiring one word answers. You want a string of Japanese ownage the likes which this land has never seen.

Introducing the “10 Better Ways To Say It” series, which takes some of the most common plain phrases, and turns the flame up 9000 degrees.

First up?

10 Better Ways To Say It - Oishii

美味しい (おいしい): delicious, tastes great


So delicious that both my tongue and throat just melt away.

9. なんとも言えない幸せな味。

This flavor is such happiness that it is impossible to express.

8. おいしくて恥ずかしいほどいくらでも食べられる。

This is so delicious it is embarrassing how much I could eat of it.

7. _____でこれほどまでに人の心を喜ばせることができるとは!

I’m shocked that it is possible for (food name) to be able to make the hearts of men/women feel such happiness.

6. なぜか湧いてくる優しい気持ち。

For some reason a feeling of warm kindness bubbles up inside.

5. 一旦口にしたら止め処なく手が出てしまう。

Once you take one bite, without any way of stopping your hand will reach out for the next.

4. 想像を遥かに超える味。

Taste that goes way beyond you wildest imagination.

3. 正直言って感動。

Let me be honest. I’m moved.

2. どんなに褒めても褒めきれるものではないような気がする。

No matter how much I compliment you (on this food) I feel it will never be enough.

1. 食べる喜びを感じさせる料理。

This is cooking that really makes you feel the joy of eating.

What other better ways do you know to say おいしい?

Leave them in the comments below!

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10 Better Ways To Say It: おいしい — 6 Comments

  1. This is awesome! Both this post specifically and the idea for the series as a whole. I’m definitely going to tuck some of these away and deliver them with an all-too-serious look the next time I’m eating Japanese food.

    For some reason they remind me of Tampopo, and specifically this scene:


    Something about the poetry of a delicious meal… or something :D

    • Hahaha liking this video. Nothing better than being able to express the fine beauty of a bowl of ramen.

  2. 美味しい物があれば言ってみたいw

    9. なんとも言えない幸せにな味。→9. なんとも言えない幸せな味。

    • 是非使ってみてください!


  3. Oh my god. This is amazing. Great idea for a series. Plays right to my inner show-off. But at the same time, taking the effort to learn some of these is a great way to show appreciation for someone’s generosity. This is top class material. I will be following JLU very closely from now on!

    • Thanks. I definitely think being able to wield one of these smoothly will show appreciation way more than a simple おいしい.

      I enjoyed putting this together so will try to continue this.

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