2016 – No New Year’s Resolution No Life

2016. It took you a whole year to get here. And it’s time to resolve. After gym memberships, language learning is one of the biggest booming New Year’s items which you must absolutely add to you extensive list of awesomeness you are preparing to begin next week. Over-reaching goals is the name of the game. The only thing more popular than New Year’s resolutions at this time of year are websites that talk about how to keep those resolutions or those that tell you why you can’t or won’t.

2016 - No New Years Resolution No Life

What’s a resolver to do?

Ready for the ultimate top 10 list of how to make all your New Years resolutions come true?

10. Not
9. Gonna
8. Do
7. It
6. No
5. Matter
4. How
3. Much
2. You
1. Ask

I was originally tempted to do a 2016 goals thread similar to the monthly one. But then I realized that monthly goals are so far superior to yearly goals, so that post already technically serves as a resolution thread. So what are we doing here? Sarcasm and New Year’s? That’s just wrong. I’m supposed to give you some positive message that will make everything better.

Well here goes:

2016 - No New Years Resolution No Life 2

You accomplished what you wanted in 2015?

You don’t need a resolution for 2016. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing adding more difficult challenges and new hurdles to jump over.

You didn’t accomplish what you wanted in 2015?

You don’t need a resolution for 2016. Stop doing whatever you did that didn’t work, and start putting in the effort and make the sacrifices to get exactly where you want to be.

Too severe?

Achieving your goals is severe. Anyone can do it. Most won’t. You will. Just don’t let anything or anyone stop you. 2016 is as good a place to start as any.

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2016 – No New Year’s Resolution No Life — 4 Comments

  1. I don’t really like New Year’s resolutions. “I wanna learn XYZ, better make it my new year resolution and wait X months”. It doesn’t work that way. You have an urge to do something? Just do it. No next year, no next month, no tomorrow, and not even today. Now.

  2. New Year’s resolutions don’t work. Like Manan said, if you want to do something next year, why not just start now. New Year’s resolutions are just an excuse to only try to do something once a year. An excuse to put it off. If it matters to you, do it now and do it all the time. Keep up those monthly goals :)

  3. I remember the few times I made a New Year’s resolution. Really it acted more like a wish list than things I was actually going to do. Yeah it would be great to exercise (or whatever goal it may be) but am I really going to? No.
    I like Lent better anyway. You give up something for 40ish days. A much more practical goal then counting on a behavior change for an entire year.

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