9 Unique Tests that Japan Offers

Have you already taken the national Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and are looking for a new challenge? Or maybe you just want a more thrilling way to show off your Japanese skills? Japan is a test-taking kingdom.

9 More Tests To Take After The JLPT 2

Remember this motto: If something exists, there is a test for it.

So what are some of these amazing and official Japanese tests waiting for you out there, that would shine like gold on your resume?

9. Japanese Beer Exam (日本ビール検定)

Get drunk before and during your exam. Worried about practice? There are plenty of review books to work with.

8. Mushroom Exam (キノコ検定)

Mario? No this is the real (food) thing. They even have a theme song and music video. Yes you heard that right.

7. Aging Society Exam (高齢社会検定)

We all get older. Japan just does it better and in more abundance. This is knowledge that must be mastered.

6. Palm Reading Exam (手相検定)

Japan takes its fortune telling and palm reading culture very seriously. Enough that their official mascot is a random picture of a golden retriever.

9 More Tests To Take After The JLPT 4

5. Shrine Exam (神社検定)

I heard somewhere that Japan has few shrines throughout the country. Nothing that can’t be covered in a weekend.

4. Shinsengumi Exam (新撰組検定)

The Shinsengumi were a special samurai police force during Japan’s Bakumatsu period and appear in every anime you’ve ever watched (mostly). They look and act badass. You definitely don’t know enough about them.

9 More Tests To Take After The JLPT 5

3. TV & Internet Shopping Exam (通販検定)

You sure you know how to buy things properly online? Better find out.

2. Ninja Exam (伊賀忍者検定)

You can admit that you still think ninjas live in Japan. Brush up on your ability to handle every life situation possible that can be solved with ninjas.

1. Hello Kitty Exam (ハローキティ検定)

9 More Tests To Take After The JLPT 3

There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t know Hello Kitty. But do you reallllly know her?

Not satisfied?

Of course not. There are dozens of more challenges waiting for you here! From TV, to high school baseball to specific anime series, you will never leave your study desk again. JLPT? Boring! Here are the relevant exams.

Which exam do you want to take?

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