Achieving Your Japanese Goals – January 2017

We all have goals, big and small. Things get in the way, preventing you from achieving them. Not any more. This time you are going to win.



Write down specific goals you want to achieve for the month of January

Initial Instructions

Leave a comment by January 1st and include:
1. Your specific goal(s)
2. Resources you will use
3. Game plan/strategy

Completion Instructions

Reply to your comment by January 31st and include:
1. Which goals were you able to accomplish
2. Which goals did you fail (how far did you get)?
3. Your experience (issues, struggles, discoveries)

If you don’t come back and leave a reply, it will be assumed you didn’t meet your goals for the month. Pressure. But sometimes a little positive pressure can be a positive thing.

Complete your goals, finally.

* Make sure to update your December goals!

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Achieving Your Japanese Goals – January 2017 — 19 Comments

  1. 1. 5 new J-J sentences per day. This should put me around 7850 sentences.
    2. Continue with 3 kanji per day. Currently working my way through grade 5.
    3. Daily immersion. Passive listening and read manga every night.

  2. Yet another month of goals that hopefully I’ll follow through with…

    1. Finish all reviews before bed. Work on doing some through the day to prevent 3 AM review sessions.. This includes adding 5-10 new kanji and sentences a day. Goal: 26/31 days

    2. Immerse in more native material when at home. Includes manga, TV, anime, whatever. Goal: 20/31 days

    3. Listen to more Japanese podcasts! My listening comprehension is crap, probably from mostly reading to study. Goal: 31/31 days

  3. I am currently working on a variety of resources, so I have somethings that I want to accomplish this month, I study only on week days:
    1) Listen 30 min. of Japanese audio per day/ Add 30 new Kanji per day/ 30 new sentences per day/ I am kind of in a power level, but not that power, hehe.
    2) I should be around 700 Kanji (which was where I stopped when I first tried kanjis), and close to 1.000 sentences.
    3)Using Habitica as a guide to remember to complete daily tasks, using Remembering the Kanji alongside with RTK mod, Kanji Kingdom to improve kana reading, and Genki I-II for new sentences

  4. 30 kanji and 30 J-J sentences out of the intermediate deck on jalup next. Also read one chapter in a manga

  5. Lower goals this month as I was hit by a car while crossing at a crosswalk a few days ago and required right hip and left hip ankle surgery.
    1. Daily Anki reviews to zero
    2. read 3 new manga
    3. watch 8 new drama.

  6. I’ve been using a variety of resources, but mostly using reading and writing. I’d like to do focus on more active listening to native media.
    1) My goal is to spend 30 mins. in active listening to native media daily. 28/31 days.
    2) I’ll use: Talk radio, television shows (variety shows, news, etc.), and internet podcasts.
    3) The strategy is to listen during breaks from usual homework, go on a walk and listen, or take a break from other things when I get home and listen.

  7. 1. My Korean 101 class will be beginning on the 17th, so I purchased a Korean grammar book written in Japanese a few weeks ago. Get through the first 8 lessons before the class begins.
    2. Create 100 J-J cards.
    3. Read at least 3 volumes of new manga.
    4. Up my listening immersion game. Listen to Japanese audio (music does not count!) for at least half an hour a day.

  8. 1. Finish Genki II (including the workbook).
    2. Watch a full season of one anime with subtitles in Japanese (I haven’t chosen which one yet).
    3. Complete Tadoku Challenge (mostly by reading news).

  9. 1. Complete Jalup Beginner (again) on Jalup Next.
    2. At least 5 Kanji a day from Kanji Kingdom on Jalup Next.
    3. Re-start Jalup Intermediate (3rd time I’m going to own it) on Jalup Next.
    4. Continue reading my intermediate text book, pick up new vocab and add to anki.

  10. 1 finish the next lesson of my current japanese book (manekineko)
    2 Be able to make easy sentences with ease
    3 learn the most as possible vocabulary from the kanji i’m studying this month
    4 read a some pages of yotsuba every day
    5 translate one short news per week

  11. I was just referred to this site so I’ll jump in with both feet a few days late.
    My goals:
    1. Find a text book
    2. spend 10 minutes daily studying
    3. Listen to 2 podcasts a week

    • May I shameless suggest you try Jalup NEXT during this challenge? You can try the first 100 cards of the Jalup Elementary deck for free and you get the Kana deck (Kana Conqueror) for free and you also get the first 100 cards of a Kanji study deck (Kanji Kingdom) for free as well. Since you are just starting I figured this would be a good time to suggest it. I can personally vouch for how fun it is to use and how fun the content is to learn. So, you’ll check it out, right? :’) No matter what you end up doing, Welcome to Jalup!

  12. My goals are:
    1. Do 10 kanji/day, 25words/ day and min. my own 10 sentences/day.
    2.Find and finish reading a manga
    3. Be surround by japanese television as much as possible.

  13. There’s only one thing I truly need to do this month:

    ① Finish JALUP Beginner, as well as a separate deck of sentences from Genki. Together, that’s about a thousand cards, which is *absolutely* within my power. With that, I will have at last slain my most hated foe, J-E.

    Stretch Goals!
    ② Learn to write 1000 kanji. I can currently write around 850.
    ③ Learn the lyrics to 3 songs. Become karaoke master.
    ④ Grind to Level 15. That will probably just happen after doing ①, but it’s nice to have it written down.

  14. Being late for these goal setting posts has become a habit for me. But no more. I’ll even add it as a goal:

    1. Update my goals for January and set goals for February on time!
    2. Read Japanese Graded Readers Level 2 volume 3
    3. Get back into playing Pokemon X. My goal will be getting 1 gym badge, that should be possible.
    4. Keep my sentence deck under control – 0 reviews almost every day.
    4. Lower my kanji reviews. Currently they are around 850, anything lower than that by the end of the month will be a win.

  15. I’m a little late to post my goals, but I would like to do it anyway to help keep me on track.
    My studying always comes in fits and starts. Right now I am trying to catch up from where I dropped off last month, so that’s my 1st big goal…my 2nd goal will be to MAINTAIN studying through discipline and not stop again.

    Catch Up
    1. JALUP Beginner Reviews (currently 146 due)
    2. Kanji Kingdom Stage 1 & 2 Reviews (254 & 8)
    3. Core 10K (currently 74 due)

    4. Jalup Beginner, Kanji Kingdom, Core 10K reviews
    5. Get more listening practice in each day (minimum 1 hr) through Podcasts, Japanese TV or dramas.

    6. Core 10K – unsuspend all vocabulary from Genki I and II (these should all be easy review words)
    7. Begin Jalup Intermediate with 5 cards a day

    This is my first time making solid goals, so I am not sure if I made too many…we shall see.

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