Adam’s 25 Recent Japanese Book Recommendations

As you probably know, I read a lot of Japanese books. However, I’m not especially fond of writing about (reviewing) those books. I’ve done so in the past, but stopped over 6 months ago due to lack of motivation to continue. I want to continue, in a way that makes it easier on me, but still beneficial to you. So I will try the following:

1. Ultra brief summaries. Most people decide if something sounds interesting to them in a line or 2. So rather than write out detailed blurbs, I’ll keep it extremely short.

2. Instead of trying to somehow organize the books I’ve read into specific topics that fit together into a nice category, I thought it would be simply easier to have an ongoing list of recent books I have finished, enjoyed and recommend.

1. アムリタ (Amrita & Immortality)
Japanese Level: ☆☆☆

Adams Japanese Book Recommendations - Part 1

An aspiring movie director finds a way to create a movie so powerful it can “resurrect” her dead boyfriend.

2. 舞面真面とお面の女 (Maitsura Matomo and The Masked Woman)
Japanese Level: ☆☆☆☆☆

Adams Japanese Book Recommendations - Part 2

When 3 puzzles are left in a will, leading to a presumed fortune, a family must try to come together to solve them and receive their deserving inheritance.

3. 2
Japanese Level: ☆☆☆☆

Adams Japanese Book Recommendations - Part 3

Creating a movie that will completely change the world requires some sacrifice along the way. There are only two that matter. Who will they be?

4. 鈴木ごっこ (Let’s Play Suzuki)
Japanese Level: ☆☆

Adams Japanese Book Recommendations - Part 4

Pretend you are a member of the Suzuki family and your massive debt shall be forgiven in return. After living together for a year, an unexpected fate awaits the new Suzuki family.

5. サバイバー (Survivor)
Japanese Level: ☆☆

Adams Japanese Book Recommendations - Part 5

The apocalypse hits with no warning or reason and Japan becomes a wasteland. This is the comedic and dramatic story of people and their interactions as they experience the end of the world.

Part 123 ● 45

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Adam’s 25 Recent Japanese Book Recommendations — 11 Comments

  1. キタ━(゜∀゜)━!


  2. Will be checking out that 木下半太 book! I’ve enjoyed a few of his 悪夢の~ novels off of your recommendations in the past and I really like his dark humour and clever narrative twists.

    I’ve just been blessed (?) with a longer commute meaning a lot more time to read, so I’m very glad you’ve decided to start this series.

    • It feels like my goal is to read every novel he’s written (I’m pretty close haha). Hope you enjoy this new one.

      And a long commute, which I also have, is a great and focused time for reading.

    • Yeah, it really draws you in right from the beginning. There are a lot of fun and weird twists inside, so I think you’ll definitely enjoy it.

      If you do read it, make sure to come back when you are finished and leave a comment about it!

  3. This is a strange question for a Japanese language learning blog, but I use it more generally, as a foreign language learning blog (my obsession is Russian): I’d really like to read some of these – are any of these books available in English, too? Or are these the kind of books one would absolutely have to learn Japanese for?

    (I could see that motivating me…)

    • I don’t know if any of these specifically were translated to English but the best way to search would just to check your desired title (or author) on Amazon. Major Japanese books are sometimes translated into English.

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