Anki to Jalup NEXT Conversion

You’ve worked hard on your Anki decks. You want to try Jalup NEXT, but the thought of losing all your review progress sounds pretty terrible. It’s time to change that. You now have the ability to upload your Anki deck to Jalup NEXT, and have all the progress transferred over.

This was a complex feature to create because Jalup Next works differently than Anki. We tried to aim to match as much information as possible, but because of the differences between platforms, it will be impossible to get a perfect replica. The good news is you don’t need it to be perfect. Some of your reviews will shift around a bit, but once you start using Jalup NEXT for a few weeks, everything will start to feel normal and what you are used to.

However, please be aware of the following:

1. Cards are matched up based on their sentence field.

Over the years, the Anki decks have been updated little by little, with the biggest update coming a few months ago and then Jalup Intermediate getting a further slight upgrade with the audio. Jalup NEXT uses the most recent versions.

This means that the older your Anki deck is (ex. 2013 or 2014), the more likely your sentence fields will vary. We’ve taken this into account, and don’t analyze sentence matches exactly. We leave plenty of leeway for these updates. However, the major changes are sometimes missed.

The result is that depending on your Anki deck age, the conversion will be close to around 90% accuracy. For example, you may have learned all 1,000 cards but it shows you as only learning 940. You’ll have to relearn those remaining 60 cards again.

2. Card review intervals and review numbers will slightly vary.

We do our intervals a little differently, and we base it on a 2 answer system. While we try to maintain the general intervals that came from the Anki cards, it won’t be exact. The amount of cards you have due for review will change, and the daily reviews you are used to may also change. However, this will adjust over several days to a few weeks of use.

3. A conversion overrides your current deck information. Do not use this conversion feature if you’ve been working on Jalup NEXT and want to keep that info. Only do it if you want your Anki deck to completely replace it.

4. There is no current plan to do a reverse conversion (Jalup Next to Anki). We have limited resources to develop Jalup NEXT, and this is not a priority.

Requirements for the conversion feature

1. In order to use the conversion feature, you must own the decks on Jalup NEXT. If you try uploading a deck that is not purchased on your Jalup NEXT account, you will get an error.

If you’ve purchased the decks through Anki, you do not need to purchase them again on NEXT. Just e-mail me your receipts and your NEXT account e-mail, and I will add those decks to your account for free. Then you can convert them.

2. You must convert a full set. You can’t convert them one stage at a time. Yu will need to have the full 1,000 for JB and JI, the 228 or 232 KC, and the full 2300 KK.

How to use

1. From within Anki, export your Jalup deck with the following options:

● Anki Deck Package (.apkg)
Check “include scheduling information”
Uncheck “Include Media” button.

Make sure if you have your decks split into stages within Anki, that you combine them into one deck first.

2. In Jalup NEXT, go to account, choose the deck you want to convert, choose the file location, and then click convert. Depending on the review information of the deck, it may take anywhere from 10-60 seconds to finish converting. You’ll get a success message if things went okay and an error message if things went wrong.

Expect deck conversion upload problems for some users in the beginning

This is brand new, and we had limited resources for testing uploaded decks. Any new decks we created and started doing reviews work fine. We’ve also worked with a few borrowed user decks (thanks!). So far, things have worked fine. But once hundreds of people start uploading all different kinds of decks, we’re not sure what problems we will encounter.

For the next week or so, this will probably require some fine-tuning. We will be responding to deck conversion issues in an effort to make things better.

If you convert your deck, and you find one of the following problems:

1. You can’t convert it at all (you get an error)
2. You convert it and the information and the cards learned is way off (ex., you learned 800 cards and it says you learned 600, or you learned 1,000 cards and it says you learned 800)
3. Your reviews are way off
● Ex. you’re used to 100 reviews a day, and you suddenly only have 20 reviews a day, for several days, something is wrong.
● But if you’re used to 100 reviews a day, and now only have 70 reviews, and then after several days it starts going up, things are okay.
4. Anything else we haven’t forseen

Please e-mail support (at) japaneselevelup (dot) com, and:

1. Provide your Jalup NEXT account e-mail
2. Attach your Anki deck
3. Explain the problem

*Do not directly e-mail the adshap@ e-mail address with deck conversion problems*


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Anki to Jalup NEXT Conversion — 3 Comments

  1. Yay! I started with Jalup Next, but I’m so excited for everyone else to try this because it is fun and easy. I can’t imagine it any other way.

  2. Wow, impressive! Anki users rejoice!

    One of the features I enjoyed about Anki is that you can study offline and sync up when you are connected again. It would be nice to be able to do this with Jalup NEXT.

  3. I just used this feature to reset my Kanji Kingdom deck. I had to do one review and then follow the directions above in this post and what I got was a Kanji Kingdom reset with one “seen” card. Pretty awesome! Keep up the good work :’)

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