Preparing for a Japanese University

You’ve finally made it to Japan, and all the way to a Japanese university. Your classes? In Japanese. That’s not English. Feeling worried?


There are separate subtitles for both English and Japanese. Click the settings icon to switch between the 2.

Ask Questions

If you have any questions about Japanese studying, leave them either in the comments section or e-mail me at adshap (at) (name of this site) (dot) com. Your question may be chosen to be answered in the next video.

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Preparing for a Japanese University — 9 Comments

  1. 「その記事の続きも書いてください」のところで爆笑した XD

    ってことで、僕はJonathanさんからのメールに返事しなくちゃ。忙しくて忘れちゃってごめん >_<

  2. Jonathan, please finish that article.

    Very inspiring. I’ve been studying for roughly a year as well, and you are waaaaay past me.

  3. You got pretty distracted in this one Adam. Almost like a vlog. Not that I mind.

    And also… write that article Jonathan. :p

    • Personally I like this new Vlog type thing. I wouldn’t mind if Adam ditches the whole Ask Jalup thing and moves on to Vlogging.

  4. It is really great that you added a little creativity (or else this would have become a bit repetitive). Nintendo Daigaku made me laugh way harder than I should have xD.

  5. アダムさんのビデオ相変わらず面白すぎます!僕もとりあえず「任天堂大学」と読んでしまいました。。!

    ちなみにちょっと面白いですけど、ビデオを見て終わったから、Youtubeから急に色々な結晶品についてビデオをお勧めした。。。僕は全くそれを興味ありませんので、なぜだろうと思って、「JULEP」というブランドがあるらしい。。。JALUPと似ていますからかなぁぁぁ 笑

  6. 答えてくれてサンキュー!

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