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A writer for Japanese Level Up, a part-time graphic designer, and purveyor of fine Japanese art (which consists mostly of anime, manga and weird music). When he's not wasting time in Japanese, you can usually find him making pretty pictures or studying something that sounds interesting.

Should You Learn Japanese Slowly Or Quickly?

Slow and steady isn’t always a good thing in the world of language learning. How many goals have you watched die simply because they were completed too slowly? Yet I hear this from a lot of people that going slower is somehow more of a virtue. But it can be very limiting to assume that going faster is wrong or will create more stress for … Continue reading

Reviewing The Kanji Review

Anybody working their way through memorizing the thousands of kanji can tell you two things. It’s boring, and it takes a long time! Here at JALUP we like to use Remembering the Kanji, which is what all smart Japanese-learners use to remember their kanji, and it is a great book, but brother does it take a long time to get through. In case you’re not … Continue reading

Is Learning Japanese Difficult?

Everybody wants to be sure to tell you that learning a new language is super hard. Before you started learning Japanese or any other foreign language, you’ve probably heard from a dozen people how difficult it is. I hear this all the time from language teachers, language learners, and the native speakers themselves. Especially if you decide to study Japanese which everybody knows is pretty … Continue reading

Enjoy Japanese Now, Not Later

Fluency is the holy grail of language learning. Everybody knows that, even the dudes that aren’t learning a language. In fact, that’s the only thing anybody starting Japanese cares about. Man, they didn’t start learning Japanese so they could have all the fun of reading grammar books all day! And nobody decides to learn a language so they could spend an hour a day reviewing … Continue reading

The Really Good Japanese Pop Music Guide

Salyu J-Pop singers are a dime a dozen these days, and it can be hard to find a good one amongst all the dozens of cookie-cutter kiddos that pop up every year. But Salyu really sets herself apart with some really good production and one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. She has a huge vocal range and really uses it well in her … Continue reading

Always Keep things Interesting

Today we’re going to be talking about natural selection. A science lesson on a language-learning blog? It’s OK, calm down. It’ll be fun. I know nobody actually learned anything from school, but remember Charles Darwin and his theory of natural selection? Something about how only the creatures best suited to their environment survive and the ones that are less adapted get killed off. As it … Continue reading