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My Japanese Game Difficulty Setting is on Hard

Hello, my name is Casandra, and I’m a serial quitter and re-starter. Or perhaps it’s better to say that I never truly gave up on learning Japanese. I’ve just taken a lot of breaks. ;) I first learned what anime was when Pokemon, Digimon and Dragonball Z were being broadcast, roundabout 2000. I live in The Netherlands so it took Dragonball Z a while to … Continue reading

3 Attempts and 4 Years Off But Still in the Game

Hello, my name is Michelle and I’m a fourth-year ALT on the JET Programme. I’m currently on my third attempt learning Japanese after two hiatuses of three years and one year respectively. During my third attempt, I’ve progressed to being able to pass the JLPT N2 with a very high score–and I hope to continue much further. Here’s the story of my on-and-off Japanese study. … Continue reading

Japanese Just Isn’t Working for Me… Until it Was

Hello, I’m Nathan and this is the story of my second attempt at Japanese. Japan and its culture has always been something very important for me. As a kid I used to read manga and my big brother used to tell me how much he loved Japan and how he wanted to go there one day. When I entered junior high school, I started karate … Continue reading

Discovering the Freedom to Achieve Anything I Want

Hello, my name is Alec and this is the story regarding the re-booting of my Japanese studies. Prior to visiting Japan in 2014, I tried numerous “get fluent fast” techniques. I started with one on one Japanese lessons, but found them monotonous. I tried Genki but found it overwhelming. I tried Rosetta Stone but….well we all know what happens there. I then settled on the … Continue reading

Giving up After Failing the JLPT and Finding my way Back

My name is James O., and this is the story of my second attempt at learning Japanese. I first started learning Japanese when I got a Japanese penpal while I was in Junior high school (so maybe around 2002-2003). We eventually ended up losing contact, but before that happened we exchanged CDs. I sent her my favorite Aaliyah CD at the time and she sent me … Continue reading

How I Gave up and Later Returned to Learning Japanese

My name is Keith, I’m 21 and a university student. This is the story of my second attempt at learning Japanese. 1. Your reason for learning I have, ever since I was a kid, had a huge fascination with Asian cultures, not just Japanese culture. It was actually martial arts movies and variety shows that got me into Japanese, although now I do also love … Continue reading

Achieving my Dream as a Video Game Translator in Japan

I’m kreebilicus, or kreeb for short. I’ve lived in Japan for almost six years, and I translate video games, working in-house at a Tokyo-based company. I had never studied a language since high school, and my degree is in something completely unrelated to either languages or video games. My reason for learning I came to Japan with no long-term goals to speak of and my … Continue reading

Connecting my Life in New York with Japanese

My name is Kevin, and I work as a computer sales consultant in New York City by day. I run a Japanese & English language exchange Meetup group and obsess over Japanese when I’m not at work. Later this year I plan on applying for both CIR and ALT positions in the JET Program and taking the JLPT N1. And my friends consider me a … Continue reading