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Manga artist, overseas culture lover, and wants to show all the fun and strange origins of the Japanese language.

Happy Jalup New Year 2016!

Welcome to 2016. The year where your Japanese is going to become 9,000 times better than it is already right now. Yumeno-san wanted to create 2 small manga strips to bring in the New Year and introduce everyone at Jalup to 年越しそば (what every Japanese person eats welcoming in the new year), and the new Year of the Monkey. Read it and get to some New … Continue reading

So You Want To Be A Part Of The Tokyo Olympics?

I’m assuming you are all training. But since there is no “language sport” that the olympics has as of right now, your trip to Japan in 2020 may be cut a little short. But there is hope. Maybe you can’t enter the Olympics, but you can try to make the logo for them. Japan had a major copyright crisis with their original logo several months … Continue reading

When “A Fixed Match” Is Named After You

Ever wonder about the intricate history behind some of the most interesting Japanese and often puzzling Japanese words? Yumeno-san (author of the “An Odd Day In Japan” and the banner artwork on this site) brings us a new series to try to visually give you an exciting look into the “behind the scenes” of the Japanese world.

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