7 Incredibly Useful Songs For Learning Basic Japanese

Anyone who was able to learn hiragana and katakana by listening to these eight catchy songs may be wondering if the same method could work for learning Japanese in general. I actually don’t think it’s possible—at least not to a very high level—and even though learning with songs can be refreshing as a break from other studies, as the centerpiece of a learning strategy I … Continue reading

Babymetal – Combining Cute Idols With Death Metal

One of the best things about Japan is that they often take two completely opposite things, and insanely combine them into something ridiculously awesome. So let’s take this: (I never thought this would never appear on this site…) And this: (I also never thought this would appear on this site) And what could possibly result? Babymetal. Or part of a new genre, “kawaii metal” or … Continue reading

Making Japanese Music Sound Like English

Recently I introduced you guys to some non-Japanese videos that sound like Japanese when you add Japanese subtitles to them. I realized a slight issue with everyone appreciating them in that they only sound Japanese if you are really fluent and you can truly associate the nearness of certain sounds with other languages. So I think some of the hilarity may have gotten lost. But … Continue reading

The Depressing Japanese Work Week Song

Quick question! How many days in a week? Seven. Better question! How many work days in a week? Five. Yes, five. No more, sometimes less. When I think of the concept of weekend work, I recall Office Space and doing anything humanly (and inhumanly) possible to avoid it. But Japan? Overtime and weekend work are a beautiful match made in hell. Lets go back in … Continue reading

The Really Good Japanese Pop Music Guide

Salyu J-Pop singers are a dime a dozen these days, and it can be hard to find a good one amongst all the dozens of cookie-cutter kiddos that pop up every year. But Salyu really sets herself apart with some really good production and one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. She has a huge vocal range and really uses it well in her … Continue reading

Finding Yourself some Great Podcasts

Japanese podcasts are created in abundance throughout all of Japan, and while probably intended by their creators for a Japanese audience, provide an incredibly wide range of entertainment for Japanese learners. They will become your best friends because you can use them for just about any occasion. They make great background noise for reading, and they’re nice when you want something relaxing to listen to. They don’t … Continue reading