The Grandfather Of “Let’s Plays” – Game Center CX

Let’s Plays (実況プレイ) have been around for a while now. Watching other people play video games while narrating and discussing the experience in Japanese has proven to be fun and meaningful to your language progression. I used to be addicted to them, and still enjoy the occasional one today. Aren’t you glad this trend started? Don’t you wish you could go and thank one of … Continue reading

5 Visual Novel And Text Heavy Game Recommendations

Something that I always found challenging when looking for Japanese material is that when I was done with one thing I hated not knowing what the next thing would be. So in order to help prevent that for readers of Jalup, I decided to start a visual novel or text heavy game recommendation article since there seems to be a good deal of interest in … Continue reading

Simulating a Japanese Restaurant From Home

Eating dinner? Wish it was in a Japanese 焼き肉 (Yakiniku) restaurant? Not in Japan? There’s an app for you (of course there is)! 鼻焼き肉(はなやきにく) – Nose Grilled Meat The concept is simple. Eat your boring meal at home that probably lacks all form of deliciousness (まずいだろう?). Turn on the app and you are given 3 Yakiniku selections. While eating your normally unsatisfying meal, stare at … Continue reading

Retro Games And Nostalgia To Boost Your Japanese

I grew up in the golden age of gaming, filled with fond memories of spending hours in front of the divine gift from the heavens, the NES and SNES. Magazine reviews and recommendations from friends helped guide you on your path towards expensive purchases ($99 in Australia!). With the ability only to get a few games a year, you ended up with greatness or garbage, … Continue reading

Frustrated Gamer Playing The Impossible Shobon No Action

ショボンのアクション (Shobon No Action – Downhearted Action) was a short 2007 parody game of Super Mario Bros. It was a nearly impossibly platform game with the idea to take everything you were used to about platform games, and use that knowledge to trick you, and kill you over and over (and over) again. Popular Japanese YouTuber Hikakin did a 実況プレイ (Let’s Play) at the end … Continue reading

Free & Fun Japanese Computer Games – Part 3

“Aah. The sakura trees are blooming. Look at how their petals flitter to the water’s surface; ripples forming slowly from–” BANG!! A girl kicks down your door. “No time to write poetry!! THERE’S MONSTERS TO BE SLAIN!” You heard the lady. Time to unsheathe your weapon and get ready to battle. 行くぞーっ!     Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale Genre: Role-playing simulation game This game … Continue reading

Free & Fun Japanese Computer Games – Part 2

You step into the weathered pub. An old man hunched over the wooden counter lifts his hand towards you. “Hail, adventurer. Lookin’ for gates, ya say?” “Well. I have just the thing. Step into the back…” He hobbles past a red curtain behind the counter. As you two step towards the growing lights, you can’t help but smile at the familiar hum that begins in … Continue reading

Free & Fun Japanese Computer Games – Part 1

Your worn boots grit against the dry ground. You’ve been walking for hours now, in dire need of finding new, fresh, hunting grounds. You fall to your knees. On the brink of despair, you see a light flicker in the distance. Feeling a tinge of excitement, you urge yourself back to your feet, and sprint towards the light (normally we don’t do this, but…). Could … Continue reading