5 Japanese TEDx Talks to Inspire and Motivate

Need an extra boost of motivation? TEDx Talks, the famous inspirational and thought-provoking talks series that tries to change the way the world thinks, has made its way to Japan. While the topics have nothing to do directly with language learning, they discuss goal-setting, achieving your dreams, and discovering how to find what you want. All applicable to your language journey. Want some Japanese speakers to inspire you? … Continue reading

Classic Japanese Fairy Tales Read In Ultra Slang

Fairy tales are fine and exciting, if you are 5 years old. But for adults, things need to get spiced up a bit. How about if those stories were read in the slangiest of slang, 渋谷ギャル語 (Shibuya-style gal slang). Thanks to the Internet, your wish is granted. Since this type of slang isn’t even understood by most Japanese adults, subtitles include notes on what the … Continue reading

8 Catchy Songs To Learn Hiragana And Katakana

One of the first challenges you must overcome in your quest to master Japanese is learning how to read and pronounce both hiragana and katakana. There are some good apps that will help you to do so. For example, I previously shared three free apps for mastering the kana. But the resources for overcoming this challenge don’t stop there. On YouTube there are a lot … Continue reading

The Comedic Joy Of Post Dubbing

There is no better way to study Japanese than to listen to Michael Jackson. Didn’t you know that? All it requires is the art of アフレコ (literally “after-recording” or post dubbing). Simply put, take a video and add a fake and funny Japanese spoken soundtrack over it. And you have brilliance. I mean how great could that be? Really? You may need a bit of a … Continue reading

Singing Disney’s Frozen in Japanese Using Google Translate

Now everyone knows Google Translate is pretty flawless. From science to technology to business to politics, there is no reason to use any other translating device (or person) to convey meaning. But what about songs? What if you took the songs from Frozen (アナと雪の女王), which is still currently breaking almost every Japanese movie box office record, and dub them into Japanese? Wait, hasn’t that already officially been done … Continue reading

5 Japanese Anime Voice Actors Who Look Nothing Like You Think

Have I already managed to destroy the image of some of your favorite anime characters? Goku, the Super Grandma Saiyan. Kenshin, the beautiful sexy samurai. Pikachu, the cutesy little lady. Thought these were just rare examples? Let’s look at some more characters who you probably didn’t imagine were women. 5. Ganta Igarashi (Dead Man Wonderland), Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist), Captain Hitsugaya (Bleach) I think she … Continue reading

The Skillful Hands Championship

Look at your hands. Good. Now ask yourself: do you have skillful hands? Hard to know right? How would one measure skillful hands? What embodies skillful hands? What are “skillful hands?” These are questions which couldn’t go unanswered. As Japan has many proud skillful hand members of society, something needed to be done. A few decades ago, a tournament was decided. A tournament to end … Continue reading

Bob Ross Was A Star In Japan

There are moments that make studying Japanese worthwhile. Whether it has to do with the language, culture, or the people, that instant where you feel ” No freaking way!” and you get a mixture of shock, excitement, and curiosity all “fusion ha!”-ed together. The further you go, the more you will find these, and the more you are happy the day you first decided to say … Continue reading