An Excuse Why you can’t Eat Nattou (納豆)

I’m one of those bad typical foreigners who when asked if I can eat 納豆 (nattou), says no, and gets the typical “ahh foreigners don’t like/can’t eat nattou, right?!” response. I wish I could do better. I wish I could be like the guy who can boldly assert “I eat amazing nattou every day,” and get the more shocked response オーマイガー!(oh my god). But alas I’ve failed (外人失格)! It makes even me sick hearing my answer.

My New Excuse For Why I Can't Eat Nattou 3

Until now!

Did I find a way to make myself like or get used to 納豆? No. That would be too hard. But I’ve found out the perfect excuse.

Ghosts (幽霊) live in 納豆 that scare me, making me unable to approach the delicious delicacy.

And to show justification of this clearly valid fear I show them a screenshot of the following book:

My New Excuse For Why I Can't Eat Nattou 2

ゆうれいなっとう (Ghost Nattou)

And since all Japanese believe in ghosts, they’ll believe me (I just hide the part about this being a children’s book.)

The story of my life.

The story of my life.

Alas, what I'm doomed to.

Alas, what I’m doomed to.

The more important issue may be whose idea it was to make a book aimed for children that contains two such horrifying entities. But it has provided me with a new answer to the age-old nattou question.

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An Excuse Why you can’t Eat Nattou (納豆) — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve tried very hard to like 納豆, but I just can’t do it. My wife is addicted to the stuff, though, so I have to be careful when we’re eating at a Japanese place. It’s easy to unconsciously reach over for something of hers and forget about the deadly substance mixed into it. I’m sure she’ll find this story amusing :)

    • It’s hard to be converted to 納豆. Maybe you can use this excuse as well. 言い訳も役に立つ!

    • Didn’t you know that scaring children into doing things always works out great for their future?

  2. Well. I’ve tried natto, and the only way I could eat it is in soup. I’ve tried a natto ham sandwich with a boiled egg, no, it wasn’t green, but when it comes to natto, I am definitely Sam I Am!

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