9 Reasons Why 月曜から夜ふかし Is The Best Variety Show Ever

月曜から夜ふかし, or the “Monday Night Late Show,” represents where Japanese TV should be proud it is heading. A highly sarcastic reflection on Japanese society with edgy humor, ever changing interesting and rarely covered topics, and a sense of real Japan in your face. This is it. This is the Daily Show of Japan. If you aren’t watching, you will be now.

9. The hosts are down to earth and real

Getsuyou kara yofukashi 1

I have no idea how they pulled this off, but they managed to get a member (村上) of the popular Japanese idol group Johnnys, and partnered him up with the wise-cracking ultra sarcastic cross dressing personality Matsuko Deluxe. Their personalities are such opposites, and because of this their chemistry is explosive. They are genuinely funny.

8. It turns all the prefectures and cities of Japan against each other

Getsuyou kara yofukashi 2

The show often focuses on the “problem” and “issues” of life in different prefectures and cities in Japan. And once one city is featured, viewers from other areas start contacting the show claiming where the real problems are. Or offended and stating why they are really great.

The result: an endless battle of all the crazy and weird things about Japan, and what places take it to the most extreme.

7. It combines insignificant local news from around Japan into hilarious national news

Getsuyou kara yofukashi 3

People submit stories about strange things they don’t understand about where they live to be solved and featured on the program.

6. They turn the story of the daily life of a 60 year old man living on stock benefits into a thrilling, motivational miniseries

Getsuyou kara yofukashi 4

Sounds preposterous? Oh it is, but once he gets on his bicycle and speeds through town trying to use up all his free stock benefits in a single day, you will be cheering him on.

5. The audience is regularly involved

Getsuyou kara yofukashi 5

Most Japanese TV show audiences provide constant “heyyyyyys” and other sound effects in the background. But besides that, and some occasional laughter, they don’t do much else.

Matsuko will regularly stop and ask the audience about things they are discussing. If they react in typical standard fashion for no reason at all, she will sometimes throw her strange comical fury at them.

4. There is the perfect mix between talk and footage

Getsuyou kara yofukashi 6

All talk can get boring. They know exactly when it’s time to switch to a video segment. Matsuko will often even say “okay we’ve stretched this out long enough.”

3. It parodies other variety shows

Getsuyou kara yofukashi 15

Whether intentional or not, Matsuko shows her contempt for typical variety show structure. If something starts to turn into a canned structured response and format, she will completely break the variety show flow and start to reflect on this bad variety show moment. She’ll yell at the director who sits nearby or the cameraman, and engage them in discussion regarding something she dislikes about what is going on. This is all included in the main show, and not cut.

2. The gourmet reports are actually funny

Getsuyou kara yofukashi 9

For anyone who is tired of an exaggerated 美味しい!(delicious), this show does it right. There is a mini series of bringing extremely fresh food made for Matsuko, who had had a very repressed city life of all packaged food.

They bring in the grower, farmer, or cook of where the fresh food comes from, and there is great and funny interaction with him and the hosts.

1. Everyone loves this show

Getsuyou kara yofukashi 10

Even the people most resistant to variety shows find this show interesting. And Japanese people love it (though it can be a bit too edgy for the older crowd). The show is still at its beginnings, at only a few years old. However it has already accomplished so much, and has incredible potential. I’ve never seen a show evolve so quickly as this.

I’ve seen almost every episode up to date, and it is one of my “absolutely will not miss” weekly shows.

Any of you watch it? Want to add some more info on why its so great? Or maybe you don’t like it?

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9 Reasons Why 月曜から夜ふかし Is The Best Variety Show Ever — 21 Comments

    • Planning to watch shows is harder than I thought. It seemed like a calm evening, and I was getting excited to watch it, but I’ve been called out to go to karaoke. Is there somewhere I can watch it after it airs? Otherwise, I’ll likely not be able to see an episode for another two weeks (traveling).

      Also, any other shows I should be watching, Adshap?

  1. Thanks for making this post! I didn’t know about this show before, but I will definitely check it out now. I really like Matsuko Deluxe. She’s really funny and interesting. Her crusade against the flirtatious 女子アナ is great. Some guy made a series of videos chronicling it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zY_UuztWJU
    And these videos also heavily feature 田中みな実 (a 女子アナ), who is amazing as well!

      • I checked out a few episodes and I really enjoyed what I’ve seen of the show so far. You know, I’ve also always wondered if the conductor of an orchestra is actually really needed, so I’m glad they discussed that on the show! For people who can’t catch this on TV (me included) you can find a the latest episodes on this Dailymotion channel: http://www.dailymotion.com/user/Banimation/1 Gotta love the internet sometimes! :D

        • Yes that was a great episode discussing whether certain things really are needed!

          The show, with all its fun, crazy, and comedic moments, also has a nice educational side to it as well!

  2. ペイントで編集したみたいが嫌けどネタは大爆笑そう

  3. I’m actually a bit surprised to see someone blogging about Yofukashi. People often don’t like tv shows that’s host by members of Johnny’s. But even people in 2chan love this show (and Murakami as well) so I guess this show is very popular.

    I love how real they make their video. If it’s required sarcastic remark they would not hesitate to give that to viewers. And how do you love it that Murakami is constantly screwed out in almost every single episodes? Whether it’s him being oldies or just how unpopular he is.

    Nice to know someone else who love this show as much as I do. I would love for them to have specials again soon.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation! The very few episodes I managed to find where great.

    Anyone knows where you can find this shows or other variety show online, legal even?
    Crossing fingers for some kind of dvd release…

    • It definitely should get a release soon. It’s too popular not to. I do know you can get many other variety show DVDs on Amazon.jp, Yes Asia or Rakuten. There are also some shows on Hulu Japan.

      On the rare occasion you’ll also get a show that offers its latest episode on its home page.

  5. I heard about Yasuda Shota (Kanjani8) as guest on this show but I couldn’t find that ep. Do you have any idea about aired date, stream video or download link or something?
    thank you.

    • He was guest of the 2013.10.28 episode if I’m correct. But too bad, I can’t seem to find the link of that episode too =.=

  6. “Johnny’s” is not a group. Murakami is from the group Kanjani8, which is under Johnny’s and Associates.

  7. Ohhh this looks so awesome, I might have to check this out! Itll bring a nice “variety” to my regular ダウンタウンのガキの使いやあらへんで and AKBingo!

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