Japanese Goals & Recommendation Yearly Compilations

Every month here we have Japanese recommendation exchange and goal setting posts. People share what they have been experiencing and what they want to accomplish. These are 2 of my favorite posts, as I think everyone seeing what everyone else is doing is both great motivation and a powerful resource.

Japanese Goals - Recommendation Yearly Compilations

In an effort to add more value to all the older monthly posts (which there have been several dozen of), I’ve decided to compile them together at the end of each year. I have done this with the recommendation exchanges, but this is the first year that I have done it with the goals as well. I figure that the posts lose some value once the month has already been completed, and I’m hoping to restore some of that value by compiling them together.

This will give a nice snapshot of a full year, and how everyone’s goals, progress, and material have changed over the months. It also allow people that have written entries to easily search over an entire year of what they have done, what they have achieved, and use this information to reflect. This is the reason why the comments are not split into multiple pages (it is easier to do a search by name and find all your entries on one page). The page may be slightly slower loading with the heavy comment load, so you might want to check it out on a desktop.

Anyway, I hope everyone continues to participate in these monthly threads for 2016!

Recommendation Exchanges: 201220132014 — 2015
Achieving Your Goals: 2014 — 2015

*A compilation will only be made at the beginning of a new year, so the mothly posts will continue like they always have.

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Japanese Goals & Recommendation Yearly Compilations — 8 Comments

  1. This is great. It was surprisingly satisfying to read through all my updates and see the progress I have made this year.

    • これを聞いてよかった!500コメントをまとめて遣り甲斐があった。Jesperさんはよく頑張ってきた。

  2. It was awesome and inspiring to read through and watch the progress of people over the course of a year. I started rooting for certain people, like characters from a book. Especially interesting was watching various people begin J-J and gradually pick up steam with it.

    • Yeah, a lot of people have made impressive progress, come back every month, and conquered all their goals. edubさんもその中の一人になることを期待しています!

  3. Wow, it was great to see the progress that people (and I) have made in their Japanese studies this past year. I’ve only frequented this site since perhaps May 2015, but by looking back at what my goals were back then, and where I am now, I can see so much improvement in so many areas. 今年も皆さん、一緒に頑張りましょう!

  4. Seeing only 2 sets of goals from me in the 2015 compilation has really made me want to do that better for 2016! Ideally when the 2016 compilation comes out I would like to see 12 sets of goals from myself, so that will be my 2016 goal.


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