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I’m currently looking for one or two programmers to join the Jalup NEXT team, and thought I would ask here first on Jalup if anyone was interested. We’re continuing to move forward, and have a lot of great stuff planned to make Japanese learning as awesome as possible. But I need some help.

The 2 different roles I’m looking for:

1. Web app development

This is what we have right now. Jalup NEXT is coded in Vue.js and Laravel PHP, so these skills are necessary.

2. Native app development

We plan to convert the site to native mobile, and allow for features like offline use and syncing.

The below aren’t all required, but you should fall into some of these categories:

– Currently studying Japanese (level is irrelevant)
– Are using Jalup NEXT and/or like what it is all about
– Use/are familiar with Japanese Level Up
– Want to create great Japanese learning tools


While Jalup NEXT has been running for about 5 months, it’s still in the very early stages of what we want to accomplish. Because of that, we don’t have a lot of funds right now. While there will definitely be monetary compensation for these roles, in the beginning, it will be somewhat limited, and will increasingly grow as Jalup NEXT grows.

I’m looking to start with a few tasks in the beginning that start you as independent contractor, until I get to know you and decide we want to continue. Then depending on what you want and how big a part of this you want to be, we can change this status.

I’m looking for someone who wants to be a part of Jalup NEXT for the long-term and would expect about 20+ hours a week. Everything will be done remotely, so location is irrelevant.

University students are welcome to apply, but only if you can put in the time and it won’t interfere with your studying. You don’t need to be a programming master with a decade of programming experience. As long as you have a continual desire to learn and make things as good as possible, you’re welcome to apply.

If you are interested, send an e-mail to adshap(at)japaneselevelup(dot)com, introducing yourself (if I don’t know you), include your experience, a portfolio (if you have one), and a resume.



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