You want to Become a Private Detective in Japan?

When I think of “private eye detective,” I recall old black and white movies way before my time. Japanese TV shows are obsessed with private detectives, which usually seem to investigate whether a man’s wife is cheating on him or not. I was not aware that this even really existed much as a real profession anymore.

But there is a way. There is a whole chain of detective schools, that would appear to be titled Mr. Detective School (though actually stands for Mission Research).

Private Investigator 1

And what does a private investigator do in the year 2013:

Private Investigator 4

Ohh. Tailing and stakeouts. Taking hidden recordings and videos. STALKER (in big letters appear across the sign). Who is the stalker?

But there are some innocent reasons up there which I’m sure if the people ever found out they would be happy. Like:

“Finding out the real person you are about to marry”
“Problems with your children”

But let’s put some trust into this school and its members. And who are the people that attend these schools? Look at these serious faces below. No smiles at Mr. Detective School! This is serious business.

Private Investigator 2

Go Go Gadget!

Now detectives are all about their tools. Mr. Detective School boasts some of the most advanced and high tech gadgets so you can be investigating like Sherlock Holmes.

Private Investigator 3

I mean look at some of these sophisticated items. Looks like there is a Walkie-talkie, a calculator, a pair of glasses, and even a hat!

And you’re assuming you would have to travel all around the country to compile this massive high tech collection?

Private Investigator 5

No of course not. They have their own personal store. Right next door . . .

So let’s register!

You have 3 courses to choose from:

Private Investigator 4

Detective Basic Course: “For people who just want to hurry up and investigate something”
Cost: 136,500円 + 31,500円 (Entry Fee)

Detective Master Course: “For those who want to become investigators.”
Cost: 252,000円 + 31,500円(Entry Fee)

Help In Starting An Independent Business Course
Cost:3,150,000円 + 31,500円(Entry Fee)

Will the next graduating class be everyone from JALUP?

Maybe? Want to find out more details? Check out their website at You can see their detective cleverness at work by the choosing of their site name, which is the last 4 numbers of their telephone number.

Source: All pictures taken by me on my “spy camera.”

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You want to Become a Private Detective in Japan? — 8 Comments

  1. Ha ha ha, my favorite is the thing that looks like an old TV-antenna!
    (+the misspelling of professional..)

    How does 名探偵コナン fit into this hype? Is the detective-hype part of the reason behind Conan’s success?

    • Haha, I didn’t even catch the misspelling! Nice detective work (I know. Bad, bad joke.)

      Definitely the detective craze makes Conan work. Every season the amount of new detective themed dramas/anime is intense.

      • LOL. This was hilarious. That is some pretty groovy equipment right there. I noticed the misspelling as well. Quite professinal indeed.

        Detective stuff is always in style. Sherlock Holmes and the rest of the gang are still very popular. Besides the Hollywood films and the British drama, there’s a Sherlock Holmes manga in Japan being published as well. I haven’t read it yet, but that looks like fun.

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