The Beneficial Life Side-Effects of Studying Japanese

You know your reasons for studying Japanese. You have them written down somewhere.  You look to them when you reach your low points. But something else is occurring that you didn’t plan.  Japanese is actually altering your life in ways you never thought of when you began. So what freebies are you exactly getting?

Health benefits

1. You’re fighting diseases

Learning Japanese will help you prevent and battle the major memory diseases like Alzheimer’s as you get older.  While this may not be the number one concern on your mind at your current stage of life, it never hurts to be prepared.

2. You’re developing real multi-tasking abilities

While for the most part the ability to multi-task has been proven as nothing more than an illusion, bilinguals may be actually developing this ability as they constantly have to multi-task two languages.  Using that immersion ipod while doing other things?  You may be on your way to becoming a master multi-tasker.

3. You’re getting better at sorting information

Your brain is being rewired to deal with two languages. This forces it to learn to sort through a wider range of information more efficiently.

4. You will live longer

To live a long and healthy life you should eat properly, exercise, and learn Japanese. Keeping the brain active until old age is just as important as keeping the body active. Why do you think so many nursing homes are adding video games to the list of daily activities to improve cognitive and physical abilities.  I like to know that my studying now may add a few years onto my lifespan.

Mental Benefits

1. You’re vastly energizing your focus, willpower, and self-discipline

To take on the massive undertaking of becoming fluent in Japanese, you must have these three abilities.  Japanese will help you naturally develop them as you progress.

2. You’re giving your life some added meaning

Working towards a major goal every day gives your life meaning and purpose.  No matter what struggles you are facing, how much you hate your job or school, you have something to look forward to.  You are changing yourself.  Changing what you can do.  Taking control of your life. Expanding your world and opportunities.  Every day is better.

In what other ways have you noticed Japanese secretly changing your life for the better?

Further reading: New York Times Article and ABC News

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The Beneficial Life Side-Effects of Studying Japanese — 4 Comments

  1. This is so true! I was suffering from the lack of patience when doing my job (I am an English-Russian translator) and I could translate only two paragraphs in a row and then needed some distraction (as making one battle in a browser game or reading a couple of posts at Facebook) but now, when I’ve activated my Super-Willpower to learn Japanese (as I face difficulties like every student despite my rich experience in learning languages) staying focused is not a problem for me anymore (whatever I do actually). And I even can eat less! Phrases “No! Don’t stop! Two more reviews! One more exercise!” and “No! You should not eat these sweets! No! Stop thinking of another slice!” are cried by the same voice of Self-Discipline =) I love Japanese. No langage has ever done this for me.

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