Jalup Anki Decks – Massive Version Upgrade

It’s been long overdue. The Jalup Anki decks started in 2013. While they have continually been updated and upgraded over the years, going through them through scratch on Jalup NEXT allowed me to really re-invent them, in a way I couldn’t do before.

So what’s new? I’ll break down the updates by deck:

Kana Conqueror

1. Audio is completely redone and in high quality.
2. Kana appears now as furigana over kanji, instead of (parentheses), making it easier to discern what you are expected to do.
3. Audio is split up into kana solo audio and sentence audio. Both will play on the card in order. You can use the media collection folder if you want additional practice with just the sounds, or create a playlist.
4. Sentences adjusted for は and へ, so it is easy to figure out which pronunciation it is, despite having zero knowledge of how these pieces of grammar work.

Jalup Beginner

1. Audio is completely redone and in high quality.
2. Around 200 sentences have been changed/adjusted
3. I was able to fix all the issues that made the transition to Jalup Intermediate difficult. Remember, I originally created Jalup Beginner first, never having planned Intermediate. Now I was able to go through Intermediate, and then recreate Beginner.
4. I’ve added many notes to cards and concepts that have confused people.
5. I’ve moved a few extremely difficulty cards from early Intermediate to Beginner that will save you hours of frustration
6. The linking process from Jalup NEXT made sure that every item from every card can absolutely, and without any vagueness, be found on a previous card.

Jalup Intermediate

1. Many sentences/definitions reworked for easier understanding
2. Connects better with Jalup Beginner (thanks to the linking process on Jalup NEXT)
3. Notes are visually separated, so you know that you are reading an example or a note, rather than a definition

Other changes

All decks come with an excel file, which easily lays out the sentence, meaning, notes, readings, audio, etc.

There is a lot more that has been tweaked that isn’t listed here, but I promise you an overall better experience.


1. The Maximum package now includes everything, all the way up to the latest Immersion stage. It will continue to be updated as the Jalup Immersion stages progress.
2. There is no more Battle Package

Future Updates

I currently have no estimate yet on when Jalup Intermediate audio will be released, or Stage 2 of Jalup Immersion.

Who should use this update?

This update is for new users, or users who want to completely restart their decks. Because so many cards have been changed, adding in the new audio to the old decks will not work.

In order to receive the updated decks, forward to adshap(at)japaneselevelup(dot)com the e-mail receipt you received when purchasing the decks. If you have purchased multiple decks, and have multiple receipts, one is fine (I’ll check the rest through your e-mail address).

*For new users, all decks in the Jalup store are now fully updated, so just purchase them as you normally would.

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Jalup Anki Decks – Massive Version Upgrade — 8 Comments

  1. This sounds awesome! Thanks Adam. Look forward to the changes!

    For those that have already purchased the maximum package, is there a discount for the immersion decks if you’re putting them into the maximum package?

  2. Is there any upgrades from the Battle package (when I bought it went through expert 4 at $259.99) or should we just buy the individual decks separately. Almost finished with my slow pace that took 1.5 years to complete and looking at buying the additional decks soon.

    • I’m wondering the same thing, I’m also finishing expert 4 after buying the Battle Package, and after 4000 cards, I know I don’t “need” any more Jalup cards. I still want them though. So if there was a nice bundle “upgrade” package, I would definitely consider it.

  3. Please direct any requests about packages to my e-mail. While I can’t give any guarantees about what I’ll do, I usually work out discounts on an individual basis.

  4. So the worlds best SRS decks for Japanese just got better? Oh yeah! Even if it’s just for search and reference, I’d love to load the new decks.

    I might even have a bash at merging the updates through CSV import too.

  5. I’m super excited about the Jalup Intermediate Audio in NEXT that has just been added. This is going make it so fun to study. In Jalup Next I am 130 away from finishing Jalup Beginner. I’m so close to approaching this audio!

  6. When you say things were changed/adjusted, that doesn’t mean that anything was incorrect before right? You simply made things more streamlined for new people’s progression right?

    • Yes. I changed things that were unclear, sentences that would work better with other sentences, making sentences easier for Jalup Intermediate, sentences that could sound better (ex. removed a few “textbook-feel” wordings), etc.

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