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Here at Jalup, I created a series of Anki sentence decks with the goal of getting you from zero to fluent, in as little time as possible. I didn’t go into the series with some grand master plan in mind. People asked me to make a J-E deck. So I made a J-E deck. People asked me to make a J-J deck that continues directly off of the J-E deck. So I did that. I approached it by imagining what kind of deck I would want to use, and went from there.

That continued for years. I am proud of how it turned out and the amount of people it has helped along the way. However, I’ve always wanted to turn it into something more.


What could I do? Make more decks? Expand on them? Maybe. But I want more depth. There is never going to be a magically pleasant app that is going to make you fluent 1000x faster than anything else. But there’s gotta be a way to do things better.

I thought of everything I would want in a Japanese learning application: Intuitive. Fun. Efficient. Intelligent. Customized. Gamified. Collaborative.

That’s what we are starting. Now.

Jalup NEXT

Jalup NEXT takes all of the Anki decks from Japanese Level Up, and puts them in its own self contained world. It uses a new SRS (spaced repetition system) to make reviewing easier. It’s simple and straightforward. This is a big project we’re approaching, so it will be done in phases, with features in continuing development.


Phase 1 (Alpha through Early Release)

● Buy individual decks (or sets of decks) through the platform.
● Effortlessly add them to your new reviews by simplifying and separating “learning new cards” and “reviewing learned cards.”
● Grade cards without having to think how to grade them (timing automatically factored in).
● Cards connected to older cards. Rather than search older cards to solve your current card puzzle, a simple click over a forgotten word or kanji brings up that word’s original card, and other cards that work off patterns of those cards (ex. verb conjugations).
● Keep track of your daily progress, how many cards you are doing in every review session, what cards you did, and how well you did on those cards.
● Gamified: Experience points and levels for reviews, matching the Jalup level system.

Phase 2

● Weakness analysis: having trouble with cards that use X word or Y grammar pattern? Jalup NEXT will compile weakness reports as you review cards to target your problem areas.
● Deck Marketplace: a place to create original decks, buy and sell them, all through the platform.
● Goal-targeting scheduling: figure out what and how much you want to learn, and have the app automatically create a schedule of what you need to learn and review to accomplish that.

Phase 3

● Deck Recommendation analysis: by looking at what cards you have reviewed, and comparing that to new decks that are created by users in the marketplace, we can rank whether you are ready for a specific deck or not.
● Native media recommendation analysis: by looking at what cards you have reviewed, and comparing them with TV show scripts, or manga, or subtitles, we can rank whether you are ready for specific material, and an estimate of what percentage you will understand.
● Anki deck converter: For those that have used Anki decks, we’ll convert that progress into Jalup NEXT.

Phase 4

Unlimited Japanese media with decks attached directly to the material? Haha, who knows.

Everything from phase 2 on are ideas we would like to make happen. The order and possibility of certain features may change. I’m sure things will evolve as we work with all of you, and figure out what is best for the future of the platform.

The question is whether you would like to be an early part of Jalup NEXT.


Alpha User Recruitment

I’m looking for people who are interested in trying out and testing Jalup NEXT.

Right now, we only have Kana Conqueror, Kanji Kingdom, and Jalup Beginner on the platform. The card connection feature (where every part of a card can be clicked on to see where it came from) currently works through all of Kanji Kingdom and 25% of Jalup Beginner (but we should be finishing this feature on Beginner in a week or so). Through beta and up to release we will be adding the rest of the decks and connecting them as well.

Kana Conqueror is free. Decks are split into 100 cards, and the first 100 cards of every set (ex. Jalup Beginner) are free.

For alpha members, we are looking for someone who:

1. Has some of the early decks, and is currently working on them.
2. Was thinking about buying the early decks.
3. Wants to start over on the decks.

You need to want to work through one or more of the following:

Kana Conqueror
Kanji Kingdom
Jalup Beginner

We are charging for the decks right from Alpha, because we want to test through the payment system and organization, and we want committed users who really want to learn with them. However, we will be giving a lot of freebies to alpha members who are with us from the beginning, so expect to get a lot of stuff just for joining early on. At the very least, early members will receive the following for free:

Alpha members: Jalup Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert (as they are added to the platform)

As of right now, we have no way of transferring progress from Anki, which is why we prefer newer users. However, if you wanted to start over, or you don’t mind not having that progress, you’re welcome to join.



As an alpha user, your goal is to learn Japanese through Jalup NEXT. Go through the decks normally, adding cards, reviewing, checking your stats, etc. If you find an error, use the e-mail button to briefly explain it (and if a screenshot is needed, attach it). Your progress and work will all be saved and you will be able to continue to use it normally through beta and after the Jalup NEXT release.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at adshap (at) japaneselevelup (dot) com fore more details. If we’ve never talked before, send a brief introduction of who you are. If you have already purchased decks before, please let me know that, and include a receipt number or the e-mail address you used to make the purchase.

Alpha will be starting within a week, and invites will be sent a few users at a time (users will be chosen in order of e-mails received). If you don’t make it into Alpha, you will be added to the beta testing list.

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Jalup NEXT ‐ Alpha Recruiting — 27 Comments

  1. This is pretty exciting. I know this is probably pretty far off, but I would be interested in knowing if once the deck market place and the recommendation system opens up if I can click on the decks that I have mastered and have that be factored into the deck and media recommendation system, so that I can get the benefit of this system without having had to have learned the material previously through Jalup Next.

    In addition, I might be of service with respect to programming, really I am pretty green, with only a few college programming classes under my belt, but perhaps I can volunteer to help with testing, documentation, debugging, refactoring, etc. This way I can contribute to Jalup Next and have something to add to my working portfolio when I graduate from school. Please let me know if this is a possibility.

  2. Hello!
    I would love to try out this project if possible.
    I’ve been studying Japanese for quite sometime now, but I have only done JLPT 5, and I was thinking about buying some of the JALUP phrase decks to help me.
    I am already using the “one” kanji deck.

  3. That sounds totally awesome. I’m not a total beginner but am interested in some of the decks, so I wrote an email nonetheless :D (though I don’t mind if you say “not right now”)

    I’m looking forward to what is to come either way :)

  4. Awesome, I can’t wait for the final product! I was wondering if you had something up your sleeve lately…

  5. Hey Adam, best of luck with this project! I love the word connection feature, I wish I had that on Anki. I’m currently working through Jalup Advanced but I might pick up Next for Expert.

    • The word connection feature was always something that was requested a long time ago, but could never be done with Anki. It’s gonna blow your mind :)

  6. What a fantastic idea. Couldn’t be prouder!

    I love the ambition.

    Good luck!

    Having completed them in their entirety, I for one can vouch for these decks. They are awesome.
    If they are indicative of the Jalup SRS’ quality, it’s going to rock too.

    Give it a shot beginners and those looking to get into monolingual learning (japanese definitions), you’ve got everything to gain!

  7. This sounds really great and would be superior to Anki since it would be tailored specifically to Jalup and our needs. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about this.

    I’m past the Jalup decks at this point, so I don’t match the current alpha tester criteria, but I’m a professional software developer, and if you are interested I would like to help out with feedback and testing of the solution. I have a big interest in development intuitive user interfaces, so I can probably help out in that area.

  8. I thought monthly fee would be better at first, but after thinking about it, this is like a game with in app purchases, and it’s better this way. Also a suggestion: a random card from your deck emailed to you daily.

    this has a lot of potential to succeed

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