Jalup Next Group Explorer Map

Ever wanted to explore Japan? Of course. Are you working hard mastering the Japanese language on Jalup NEXT? You might as well start exploring Japan while you’re at it.

The Explorer Map is our brand new gamification feature on Jalup NEXT. As you earn experience points for learning and reviewing cards, you gain explorer flags. With those flags, you explore each of Japan’s 47 prefectures.

Gorgeous pictures and interesting facts (filled with my sarcastic sense of humor) await.

But this isn’t just you going alone. The entire Jalup NEXT server is exploring these prefectures together. In order to gain reign of over them, and all of Japan, we’re going to need hundreds (number varies by prefecture) of explorers exploring each place.

Will you be able to explore all of Japan yourself? Will our Jalup Adventurer group be able to gain reign over all of Japan? Study more Japanese to make it a reality!

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Jalup Next Group Explorer Map — 11 Comments

  1. Ohhh, looks interesting, let’s explore together!

    It seems like a different amount of adventurera is needed for each prefecture. So as I’m interested to see the feature in general, I’d say let’s head to Ehimeken first which only needs 15 adventurers :P

    Let’s go, dear fellow Jalup Next learners!

  2. Not exactly on topic but does this jalup beginner sentence show up twice for anyone else? – 昨日の夜は何時まで英語を勉強した?

  3. Just visited Miyazaki–only need 20 more explorers/flags to gain Jalup Adventurer group reign over that prefecture. Giddy-up!

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