Jalup Next


● Jalup Intermediate 500-1000 linked will probably be finished by the end of January.
● We have a few small bugs that have built up, that will all be cleaned up after the tutorial is up.
● We’re focusing on the full interactive tutorial still in development.  Should be released shortly. Trust me, it will make a big difference.


● Upcoming massive feature: full interactive tutorial for every deck and the site itself.
● Design Change: frozen cards now split up into pages (will eventually also separate them by decks).
● Bug fixed: a few card notes were getting cut off.


● Design change: on mobile, fixed the % stats lining up to look better.
● Design change: spacing fixed when there are 2 lines in a sentence (on mobile) so furigana no longer hugs the top sentence.
● Bug fixed: previous/next buttons fixed when scrolling between linked cards.
● Bug fixed: user ranks and experience no longer overlap on mobile version


● Upcoming bug fix: User ranks and experience points are overlapping on mobile version.
● Bug fixed: in the notes of some JB cards, bold words were appearing.


● Bug fixed: % in previous review sessions are rounded to the nearest percent so you don’t get super long and crazy numbers.
● Bug fixed:  bold issue with dash keyword Kanji Kingdom card  revisited. Should be 100% fixed now.


● Design Change: Added many more level ranks. You’ll notice your current level rank may have changed based on this new system. From level 1-99 there are 34 level ranks (about 1 out of every 3 levels).
● New feature: in your previous review sessions panel, you now have the option for every card to see:

Current Streak
Total Correct (%)
Total Incorrect (%)
Sitewide Correct (%)
Sitewide Incorrect (%)

The Correct % will appear kind of high for a while, as currently the amount of Jalup Anki Converts/returnees (those who have already completed the deck) outnumbers the new users.

We also have set up the feature to avg. how long it takes to finish a deck. However, we are holding back showing this until more people finish full decks (so that it is more accurate.


● Bug fixed: when the keyword has dashes in Kanji Kingdom, the bold is only appearing on the final part.


● New user redesign/deck purchase redesign: buy buttons removed, and you automatically get stage 1 of all sets for free without having to go to the store.
– When you finish a stage, you are prompted to buy the next one.
– Store simplified, and not overwhelming with prices in your face.
● New feature: you can now freeze an entire deck (all of its cards) at once. So if you started doing X deck, and decided you don’t want it in your reviews anymore, freeze the whole thing.
● Jalup Intermediate: Linked until 500. Linked and Edited up until 500.
● Bug fixed: card notes not appearing during reviews.


● Jalup Intermediate: Linked until 500. Linked and Edited up until 470.
● New feature: Option to receive in bulk all your reviews due for the day when you login (and not have them trickle in).
● Bug fixed: furigana stopped showing up on cards in kana conqueror review.


● New feature: experience point bonuses for consecutive cards.
Learn: 20 point bonus for every 10 consecutive cards added.
Reviews: 10 cards/row +5 points, 25 cards/row +10 points, 50 cards/row +20 points, and +20 points for every 50 after that.
● Deck change: 4 cards were added to Kana Conqueror.
● Design changed: kanji kingdom cards now have the English keyword in bold, to make it easier to spot and know what the card  is asking you.


● Bug fixed: the system will check every day to see if doubles are created accidentally when using the freeze feature, and remove them.
● Design change: made verification e-mail take you directly to the sign in page, instead of that awkward in-between page.
● Major design change: you no longer have to own cards to be able to use the links. Ex. if you buy Jalup Intermediate by itself, you will still have full access to every link from Jalup Beginner.


● Jalup Intermediate: Linked until 470. Linked and Edited up until 470.
● Upcoming bug fix: remove issue with people still occasionally having duplicates when using the freeze function.
● Upcoming bug fix: issue with audio sometimes dropping after many reviews.
● Bug fixed: Chinese font appearing in certain instances.
● Bug fixed: issue with card initially marked X not being  set on the proper interval.
● Design Change: you’ll now receive an e-mail receipt whenever you purchase a deck or get a refund.
● Cards changed: In preparation for our eventual professional voice actor recordings for the deck, we went back and touched up a bunch of Jalup Beginner sentences. Minor stuff like adding commas, changing/removing one word, or  small rearrangements. All the sentences were fine, but since there is no context with sentences, we wanted to make sure they sounded as smooth as possible before paying a lot of money to have them recorded. All content on the sentences remain the same though, so it shouldn’t affect your learning of the card at all.


● We will be picking up again hardcore on Jalup NEXT starting tomorrow. A lot of good things on the way :)


● Until January 2nd, we will not be making many updates or changes. We will continue to fix any major bugs as they come up. We are also editing Jalup Intermediate card links (but not yet posting them). Expect things to pick up again from Jan. 2nd.


● Bug fixed: card notes are now appearing properly.
● Design Change: you can now view card links for cards you haven’t learned yet. Card links are only limited to what cards you own. This should increase speed of card links as well.


● Jalup Intermediate: Linked until 470. Linked and Edited up until 202.


● Jalup Intermediate: Linked until 430. Linked and Edited up until 202.
● Bug fixed: Fixed the explanations for cards 28, 39, 40, 41, 42, and 43 in Kana Conqueror.
● Bug fixed: Fixed an issue where Ctrl+R would not reload the page.


● Bug fixed: fixed an issue preventing users from progressing past card 167 on Kana Conqueror.
● Design changed: added Recapture to registration page to prevent spambot registrations
● Bug fixed: verification e-mails after registration now work. If you signed up before this fix was implemented, when you log in you will have to enter your information to verify from the site (otherwise you will be unable to use it). Please verify your account within a few weeks, as we will eventually periodically remove unverified accounts (to cut down on spambot accounts.
● Upcoming bug fix: issue adding new cards to Kana Conqueror halfway through.
● Jalup Intermediate: Linked until 400. Linked and Edited up until 117.


● Design change: decks (such as Kana Conqueror) that want to show the stroke order for multiple characters at once can now do that.
● Bug fixed: fixed keyboard shortcuts on Safari.
● Bug fixed: changed the scrolling behavior so that the page won’t jump around when the scrollbar appears.
● Jalup Intermediate: Linked until 300. Linked and Edited up until 100.
● Design change: while a linked card is popped up, space bar will close out that linked card, and Enter/R will play the audio of that popped up card.


● Upcoming bug fix: Keyboard Shortcuts issue on MacOS.
● Design Change: when clicking on a card link, if there are not multiple cards to the same link, you will not see the previous/next button.
● Design Change/new feature: if you click on a card link connecting to a card you don’t own or haven’t learned yet, you will now get the message: You must own and learn the card this word is introduced in to have it appear as a link. This card is number X in Jalup (Deck Name) and can be found in Stage Y.


● Design change:  on mobile, when you use the freeze button, if you tap on the card (or anything), the hover text will go away.
● Future feature: undo button.
● Jalup NEXT release begins today
● Jalup Intermediate: Linked until 300. Linked and Edited up until 0.
● Design change: English definitions removed from Jalup Intermediate, and placed on a separate page that is accessible from the Jalup Store.


● Upcoming design change: for the first 100 J-J cards, English will be placed below the Japanese definition.
● Jalup Intermediate: Linked until 10. Linked and Edited up until 0.
● Jalup Intermediate now available for purchase.
● Jalup Beginner: Linked until 1000 (Complete). Linked and Edited up until 1000 (Complete).


● Upcoming new feature: Average difficulty of deck (stage) based on user data
● Upcoming new feature: Average difficulty of specific cards based on user data
● Jalup Beginner: Linked until 1000 (Complete). Linked and Edited up until 600.


● Bug fixed: in fixing the original timeout message bug, we accidentally forgot to set the timer setting back to its 15 minutes setting. It was on 10 seconds for a little while. Should be back to normal now. Try hard-refreshing your page (Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows or Cmd+R on a Mac)

● Bug fixed: duplicate card/review issues
● Bug fixed: Able to add a card to your reviews multiple times.
● Bug fixed: timeout message acting strange


● Bug fixed (?): issue with certain cards appearing twice in your reviews. This was fixed, but it may still happen for old cards. If the issue occurs, let us know, and for now, just freeze one of the versions.
● Jalup Beginner: Linked until 600. Linked and Edited up until 600.


● Jalup Beginner: Linked until 600. Linked and Edited up until 450.
● Upcoming bug fix: problem with freezing and audio not matching cards after freezing.

● New feature: can now freeze cards while learning.
● Bug fixed: completing multiple cards in a row, you now get a notification regardless if you got them right or wrong.
● Bug fixed: frozen cards no longer show up in your reviews number
● Design changed: frozen cards now appears in your reviews panel


● Upcoming design bug fix: in mobile, view frozen cards has a line through it.
● Upcoming design change: will find a better location for the view frozen cards
● Upcoming feature: ability to freeze cards before learning them
● New feature: “Freeze cards.” While reviewing cards, click on the snowflake button to freeze a card. This removes  it from your reviews. Go to your account tab, and at the bottom are all your frozen cards. You can thaw them out any time you want. This is a new feature so please report any bugs.
● Bug fixed: previous review sessions not listing your correct/incorrect properly.
● New feature: Hide how long until your next review (for those who just finished a review session, and don’t want to know that they have another new card due in 20 minutes).
● Feature update: positive message reinforcement on intervals, which makes it easier to create stopping points for adding new cards/reviewing.
For reviews: receive a notice at 10 cards, 25 cards in a row, 50 cards in a row, and then every 50 cards after that.
For new cards: receive notice at every 10 cards added in a row.
● Jalup Beginner: Linked until 450. Linked and Edited up until 450.
● Bug fixed: notifications not disappearing at all.
● Bug fixed: Toasts (notifications) will now disappear in the proper order.
● Bug fixed: Removed the message that appears under the text and added it as a popup with the new notification system.


● Jalup Beginner: Linked until 450. Linked and Edited up until 400.
● Bug fixed: problem with intervals and issues with past review session streaks solved (it may take the system a couple of reviews to level out. New cards added to your reviews will work fine right away, but old  cards will seem strange until they get into the groove.
● Upcoming feature: ability to delete or suspend cards/decks


● Upcoming bug fix: There is an issue with the previous review sessions not coming out correctly. We are looking into it.
● Upcoming new feature fix: currently it is giving you a message for every new card added, and every right or wrong answer. We realize this is way too much, so we will be changing this message to streaks of cards (example: add 10 new cards in a row, or complete 25 card reviews)
● New Feature: Notifications: you’ll see notifications for doing things now such as adding cards to your reviews, reviewing them, and leveling up! Expect more to come in the future.

● Bug Fixed: The first interval says 8 days, when it should say tomorrow. The interval is being set correctly to the following day, but it is being displayed wrong (so it shouldn’t affect your actual review times).
● Bug Fixed: All of the kanji at the end of sentences in KK aren’t linked.
● New Feature: After you review a card, and it goes down to “Previous reviews,” it’ll tell you the next time it is due.
● New Feature: Keyboard shortcut for audio. Use enter.
● New Feature: When you click on Jalup NEXT while at the home screen, it’ll refresh the data on the page.
● New Feature: Pagination while searching through cards in your deck, and pagination for your previous reviews page.
●New Feature: Keyboard shortcuts for cards. You must hard-refresh your page to get them to show up (Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows or Cmd+R on a Mac)
● Bug Fixed: Issue on iPad when adding new cards to reviews where the entire system would freeze.
● Bug Fixed: Scrolling while the Review page is loading
● Bug Fixed: some errors in JB/KK description, and on some KK cards.


● Jalup Beginner: Linked until 450. Linked and Edited up until 350.

● Future feature: Keyboard shortcuts for Add to Reviews, Flip Card, X, ✔
● Future feature: FAQ (explaining certain things like how long is it between reviews of cards? Does it reset at a certain time each day and you’ll see it again in X days or is it something else? Level system, etc.)
● Upcoming Bug Fix: On my phone I have it selected as play audio when a new card appears while learning but the audio does not play. It plays if I push the speaker button and it works fine on the computer but no on my phone.


● New feature: Review by Deck
● Bug fix: stop bar on dashboard from shrinking too much
● Bug fix: Kanji Kingdom has a display problem when a keyword has a dash in it. Replaced dashes with longer dashes to get rid of this problem.
● Design Change: Paginated previous review sessions
● Design Change: Reviews now accessible from Reviews page (in addition to your review history)
● Bug fix:  “New review” changed it so that if your next review is on the current day, it’ll display something like, “Next Review: in 5 hours
● Bug fix: Fixed tiny XP bar on mobile.
● New feature: in account settings, can change the default behavior of the audio auto-playing or not.
● Bug fix: hover problem over experience point bar on mobile
● Upcoming design change: Add in something next to Jalup NEXT to signify this is the home button.
● Future Feature: Positive reinforcement + limit checking. (Ex. learn 20 new cards in a row) -> “You did 20 new cards in a row. Nice!” Button option: Continue learning – Go to reviews.


● Bug Fixed: Audio will play on cards that don’t have audio since it is trying to play the audio from the previous card.
● Jalup Beginner Cards 250-300 are linked now, but the links have not yet been edited.
● First alpha users will receive e-mails shortly.
● Currently, the audio plays automatically when you learn/review cards. There will be an option update to control this behavior.
● There will also be an option to adjust font behaviors.


Alpha recruitment post released on Jalup.


Testing phase. Alpha member recruitment coming soon.