Jalup Next


● Jalup Beginner audio completely updated for all 1,000 cards!


● Started work on Jalup Advanced. We’re going to finish all the linking first before uploading it to Jalup NEXT. Expect about a month till it will be ready.


● Bug fixed: review session screens not working.
● Bug fixed: issue with audio playing all at once when browsing on frozen cards pages


● Bug fixed: issue in reviews with card audio playing before a card is flipped (on the front side of a card). If you still are having the issue, please let us know.


● New feature: Kana Conqueror now has 2 sound icons (1 for the kana, 1 for the sentence)
● All Kana Conqueror cards have been re-recorded in much better quality.
● We are currently working on re-recording Jalup Beginner cards (expect a week or so) and then Jalup Intermediate will follow shortly afterwards.

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