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Here at Jalup, we provide the Japanese learning material, you study it, and life is (supposed to be) good. However, I’ve realized that things can get confusing. When you’re using the decks here to learn Japanese, you often wonder:

1. Where do I start as a total beginner?
2. Where do I start based on my level and what I want to learn?
3. How do I start?
4. How do I “learn” a Jalup card?
5. How do I “review” a Jalup card?
6. What am I learning and what is this series doing for me?
7. Why am I having trouble with this particular area?
8. I’m lost. Where do I go now?
9. Who is going to save me?

Me. I’m going to save you.

Jalup has grown large, and while I’ve written and rewritten the explanations and guides many times over, the specifics can be overwhelming for the unprepared. Since everyone starts unprepared, it’s time to prepare you…

I have wanted to fix this problem a long time, but I could never come up with a good solution. Then came along Jalup NEXT, giving me my own Japanese learning platform, and the ultimate freedom to create whatever I wanted, however I wanted.

Jalup Tutorial

Jalup Tutorial is a fully interactive guide on how to learn Japanese through the material here. It assumes you have absolutely zero knowledge of Japanese (or whatever level you choose to start if from), and easily guides you through all of the decks. You learn and review your first cards together with it and it answers every question you most likely have.

Each deck (Kana Conqueror, Kanji Kingdom, Jalup Beginner, Jalup Intermediate) has its own individual tutorial. Each series requires a slightly different approach, and grasping that approach early on saves you a lot of time later on.

I hear you saying, “but Adam… I’m not into your fancy new Jalup NEXT.”

These tutorials are still extremely relevant to the Jalup Anki decks, or even just learning Japanese in general. Go through the tutorials (which are all part of the free content) on NEXT and absorb all the information. Then go back to the Anki decks (or whatever else you are using), leaving your account dormant.

Japanese Learning Life Simplified

Learning Japanese is hard enough. You don’t need to be stranded in the “Japanese Learner Lost Woods.” The simpler the “how,” the more time you can spend on the “do.”

Jalup Tutorial is now available on Jalup NEXT.

You can also access the screenshots of the tutorials (without registering an account) here.

*People with accounts created before today won’t be able to use the interactive tutorials. You will need to use the screenshots instead.

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Jalup Tutorial — 6 Comments

  1. These tutorials look pretty amazing — really detailed and do a good job of consolidating the info scattered around the articles. Wish NEXT had been around when I was starting! You dang kids don’t know how lucky you have it ::shakes fist::

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