Jalup Updates – Goals, Search, Audio, and More

A new round of updates about what’s going on here right now.

Jalup Next

Some major features have been implemented:

1. Search function: You can now search through your sentences when browsing through a deck. Just input some Japanese and any card where that Japanese appears will show up. Useful for practicing specific words/grammar.

2. Goals feature: set goals for when you want to finish a deck, and automatically be given out daily tasks to help you meet those goals.

3. Referral Code system: when people sign up for new accounts there is now a referral code option. If you recommend Jalup Next to other people, and they sign up/buy decks through the system, you will get a percentage of the sales from their purchases. Currently, getting your referral code (what you give to others) is a manual process, so send me a direct e-mail if you are interested. More details to come soon.

4. The deck and # a card comes from appears during reviews for easy reference. When referencing a card in a support email, it saves us a lot of time if you can say something like in KC220 or JB534, I noticed that…

5. Jalup Maximum Package now available: includes Jalup Beginner, Jalup Intermediate, Kanji Kingdom

Jalup Next/Anki – Intermediate Audio

Jalup Intermediate now has full high quality audio for all the Next/Anki cards. If you purchase any Anki decks from here on out, you will have the audio.

For those of you who already have the Intermediate Anki decks, and want the new audio version, please use the following link.

After completing your purchase, please send an e-mail to adshap (at) japaneselevelup (dot) com, forwarding me your original Intermediate receipt(s), and the recent audio version purchase. I’ll send the audio version shortly after receiving payment (it’s not automatic like the other products, so it could take up to 24-48 hours).

The $4.99 payment covers the costs of creating the Intermediate audio and the time required to handle all of these requests. It will also allow for audio to be produced for the next deck, Jalup Advanced.

Jalup Anki – Immersion

Jalup Immersion Stage 2 has now been released.

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Jalup Updates – Goals, Search, Audio, and More — 3 Comments

  1. I played around with the search and the goal-setting so far and I’m really enjoying the new features :)

  2. Goal-setting is pretty cool. It’s really amazing what a big difference little features can make. Keep up the good work.

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