Japanese Anki In Action (Let’s Play)

I can explain Anki in a thousand ways. But what if there was a Let’s Play (実況プレー) for studying Japanese with Anki? Yeah… I did just that.


There are separate subtitles for both English and Japanese. Click the settings icon to switch between them.

About this video

● In an effort to keep this “genuine,” I left in mistakes. Yes, I make mistakes. And it’s more fun to see me mess up than get a correct answer haha.
● There are some edits to remove the boring parts of the video. I try to keep in where I have interesting things to talk about.
● I still review RTK cards, despite having 0 handwriting practice elsewhere for years. I do this more for enjoyment and out of habit, but the lack of exposure means most mistakes I make are forgetting how to write a kanji from RTK.

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Japanese Anki In Action (Let’s Play) — 9 Comments

  1. 漢字に対してはのんき過ぎじゃないかww


  2. Would you think about doing a post of everyone uploading their own lets plays?! This could be amazing! And also really funny to see what randomness people have in their decks. :)

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