Manga Quiz: ブリーチ

Difficulty: ☆☆☆
Questions: 6
Passing Score: 3

Japan Manga Quiz 9a - Bleach Instructions

1. Figure out the missing kanji/kana covered by red circles.
2. Leave your answer guesses in a comment below (ex. 1. 古い, 2. つまらない, 3… 4…)
3. Correct answers will be shown 2 days after the quiz has been released.

Japan Manga Quiz 9b - Bleach

Japan Manga Quiz 9c - Bleach

Japan Manga Quiz 9d - Bleach

Japan Manga Quiz 9e - Bleach

Japan Manga Quiz 9f - Bleach

Answers show

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Manga Quiz: ブリーチ — 5 Comments

  1. (Hm, it looks like my comment didn’t go through? If this is a double post, I am sorry about it)

  2. 1.全員
    2.理解? I’m not sure about this one

  3. I am not feeling confident about this one. Time to fail faster.

    1. 全員
    2. 誤解?
    3. ???
    4. 変える?
    5. 無理
    6. 死神

  4. 1. 全員
    2. 正解 
    3. 花瓶
    4. 見える
    5. 無駄
    6. 死神

    Damn, I feel pretty sure that my answers are correct :)
    I never thought I’d jump from no chance of undestanding a manga to being capable of reading them (more or less) and now even guessig words in just 3 months o.O

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