Manga Quiz: 最強伝説黒沢

Goal: Test your manga reading ability.
Manga used: 最強伝説黒沢

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1. Read the manga panel
2. Type in the missing kanji/kana that is covered by red circles.
3. Leave a comment about the quiz to ask about any grammar, words, sentence structure, etc. you want to know more about.



Japanese Manga Quiz #2-1

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Japanese Manga Quiz #2-2

犯人が _____てた作業服は・・・
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Japanese Manga Quiz #2-4

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Japanese Manga Quiz #2-5

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Japanese Manga Quiz #2-3

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Quiz #: 12345

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Manga Quiz: 最強伝説黒沢 — 12 Comments

  1. I was thinking along the lines of 同窓会 for the third question, but it ended up being much simpler than that! XD I guess I should’ve known better and taken the context of the other questions’ panels into consideration…

  2. I couldn’t come up with the simplest option possible so I wrote 忘年会. And although he wasn’t giving a 怖い face, that’s all I could think of to fit the space.

  3. To everyone who missed the 会 question, your answers were all also technically correct. I realize I should’ve left in the み to make there be only one correct answer.

    And I realize this quiz was a little vague on 2 questions. I need to get the hang of this a little more, but hopefully I can make it a little easier next time (if people are liking these quizzes).

    So if you got a 2 or 3 this time around, that’s a good score.

  4. Nice idea, I enjoyed it. Maybe you could code it so the ones open to interpretation can accept multiple answers. Anyway, I liked it.

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