Manga Quiz: I Am A Hero

Goal: Test your manga reading ability.
Manga used: アイアムアヒーロー (I Am A Hero)

Manga Quiz 5 - I am a hero - 1


1. Read the manga panel
2. Type in the missing kanji/kana that is covered by red circles/blank rectangles.
3. Leave a comment about the quiz to ask about any grammar, words, sentence structure, etc. you want to know more about.



Manga Quiz 5 - I am a hero - 3

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Manga Quiz 5 - I am a hero - 4

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Manga Quiz 5 - I am a hero - 5

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Manga Quiz 5 - I am a hero - 6

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Manga Quiz 5 - I am a hero - 7

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Quiz #: 12345

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Manga Quiz: I Am A Hero — 11 Comments

  1. I thought the first one was 落ちたんじゃない. I guess it wouldn’t be wrong… しょうがないな =(

    • Agreed. I try to put blanks based on there really only being one answer, so I added in your answer as a possibility.

      • Also a definite possibility. Added. The original word is 抜けた. I should have just left in the け to prevent confusion.

  2. I couldn’t come up with any of these on my own this time around, even if the answers made sense upon viewing them.

  3. At least I got a much better score than last time.
    Please explain the shotgun, shells, money(?) answer.
    On the last I guessed 時, is it possible?

    • The trick to the shotgun answer is that 金, in addition to being “Gold/Money”, can also refer to Metal in general. ex: 金属、金槌

      If you think of the 金 in 引き金 as a piece of metal, I think it’ll click for you =)

      • I misread じない as じゃない and though it would mean: this isn’t the time to joke around, but I still couldn’t get the 子 to really work..

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