5 More Japanese Movies You’ll Love

5. バトル・ロワイアル (Battle Royale)
Japanese Level: ☆☆


The infamous and controversial movie base around a high school battle to the death. A bus of high school kids on a bus heading for what they believe to be a field trip is gassed and they are transported to a deadly island. In an effort to control high school violence, the Japanese government has decided the best solution is to randomly choose high school homerooms, send them to an island, and have them kill each other till there is only one survivor.

 Crazy premise, crazy plot, but it is one of those must watch type of movies and it is actually more emotional than you can imagine. Since the story is really character driven, you really hope in the end that everyone can survive. Can they?

4. トワイライトシンドロームデッドクルーズ (Twilight Syndrome Dead Cruise)
Japanese Level: ☆


Haruka invites five of her high school friends for what is supposed to be a fun and relaxing cruise. Everything is great until they find a video game remote control that allows them to change reality and turn it into a video game. But this isn’t a fun video game. It is a horror video game. There is a reset button on this game controller, but every time it is used, there is the fear that someone will be killed again.

The ship is turned into a nightmare world, and Haruka pleads for the assistance of her friends to work together to clear this game and save everyone. However, these friends start to realize they are not really friends at all, and the relationship between the 6 starts to crumble apart. Without cooperation, will they be able to beat this death game?

This falls into the weird horror movie category, but they play on an interesting concept and you’ll want to see how the story works out. C’mon, you’ve never thought what would happen if you got stuck in a horror video game? And the theme song is pretty cool as well.

3. サマータイムマシンブルース (Summer Time Machine Blues)
Japanese Level: ☆☆☆


In the middle of a sweltering summer, the air conditioner remote control breaks in the Science Fiction research club room. A time machine appears out of nowhere, and one of the members decides to use it for the greater good. To go back to yesterday before the remote control broke and steal it so they can have the air conditioning back in the present. But by doing that, the past is changed, and there is a fear that everything in the universe may be destroyed!

Now the real task is to try to fix everything back to the way it was. They repeatedly travel back and forth causing more problems than their originally were. Eventually they figure out the gist of how to get things right and they start to solve some mysteries that were present since even before they started time travelling. Will they be able to put the time space continuum back in order while at the same time having cool air for their club room?

This is probably the most laid back Science Fiction time travel movie I’ve seen, so even if you are not a big fan of the genre you can still have fun with this comedy.

2. イキガミ (Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit)
Japanese Level: ☆☆☆☆


All Japanese first grade children are given a shot, that when they reach adulthood, has a random chance of being activated by the Japanese government. Upon activation, the adult is given a death letter, stating that they will be remotely killed within 24 hours. The government’s reasoning is to increase productivity and appreciation of life to the younger generation, by establishing that at any moment your life may end.

The story follows a newly hired deliverer of these death notes, the three lives he will bring to a close, and the moral dilemma he faces with this cruel system.

1. ガチ☆ボーイ (Wrestling With A Memory)
Japanese Level: ☆☆☆

ガチ☆ボーイ  Igarashi is a genius university student, smart enough to pass the Japan bar exam. However, he has a big problem. Ever since a concussion injury, he is unable to hold new memories for more than a day. Unable to even remember what happened the day before, he begins to lose the feeling that he is even living anymore. He wants to feel like he is alive again. He doesn’t decide to join a major sport like soccer or baseball, or even join a music group.“Bruises on my body remain the next day. Pain makes me remember what happened the day before!”

Upon random chance, he comes across the school’s show-wrestling group in the middle of a display match and decides this is what he wants. He meets a great group of interesting friends and a cute manager he starts to fall for.He takes massive Polaroid photos every single day, and keeps a detailed journal of everything that happens to him on a daily basis so that he can keep track of all his experiences.

Ryouichi finally starts to enjoy a fun and normal university life. But his friends don’t know about his condition which he has hidden from them. As they discover what has happened to him, he is about to face a real wrestling match that will put his mind and body to the ultimate test, and absolutely refuses to back down.

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5 More Japanese Movies You’ll Love — 4 Comments

  1. I am slightly sad to see that Galileo seasons 1 and 2, and the Galileo movie based off of Higashino Keigo’s 容疑者Xの献身 is not on the recommended drama/movie lists. These are probably some of my favorite to re-watch and listen to.

    • I know this series is really popular. I just personally am not a big fan of these types of mystery/crime shows, and I only review what I’ve seen before.

      But another writer here may eventually hit on this!

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