Japan’s Realistic Fake Cats

I was talking to Yumeno-san (the art creator on Jalup) recently about cats. This is what we do… He brought up in the conversation a friend who makes cats. “Your friend makes cats?” “Yes, ultra realistic looking fake cats out of sheep wool. You can’t tell they aren’t real.”


Well, I had to know more. Japan (a.k.a the “kingdom of cats”), has no shortage of cat ideas. Cats are found in language expression. Found in book marketing. Found in kana teaching tools. And recently, I discussed how one movie shows that if cats disappeared from the world, it would be a sad, sad place to live in.

Yumeno-san’s friend displays her realistic fake cats in galleries held throughout the year. That’s what 東京羊毛猫本社 (Tokyo Wool Nekohonsya) is all about.

Crafting Technique


Cats are made with needle and wool. Probably the best possible use of need and wool available. And then you have fake cats. Now you are probably thinking, what am I going to do with fake cats?

Who wouldn’t want this on their birthday?


The Cat-Making Group

Making cats I’m sure is hard. So if you’re going to make cats, you’ll need cat-making friends. 7 craftswomen come together to show off their cats and sell them.


Maybe it’ll inspire you to make cats?

Stop by their next gallery

I don’t think I’d be able to resist the urge to go “hey look at this!”


If you are in Tokyo, and are looking for a unique “oh that Japan!” experience, check them out. There events are listed on their home page. I think it would be fun to take a look inside these galleries. Even if you aren’t in Japan, they also occasionally sell some of their gallery pieces online. Maybe your home is feeling a little lonely? And tell them Jalup sent you!

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    • 全く白い猫がとても綺麗だな。羊みたいだよね。でも、着物を着る猫さんはちょっと怖いと思います。それでも、カッコイイと思います。猫の中にどっちが一番嫌いですか。私はピンクの足を現われた猫が一番嫌い。本当みたいじゃないと思いますから。

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