Kanji Kingdom Completion

It’s done! The culmination of almost a year to develop what I believe can completely empower the way you all study kanji. I’ve been releasing the stages steadily at about a pace of 1 a month, but have finished the last 2 stages early. I want to give a major thanks to all of you who have been supporting Kanji Kingdom during the entire development process.

Kanji Kingdom Completion

Now that it’s finished, and I’ve been with it for a year, I want to give a few thoughts and updates about it.

1. Full confidence

When I first released it, I had no idea if people would like it or whether it would be useful. However, the more I worked with, and the more others started using it, the more I realized that there may actually be something special here.

Because of that, Kanji Kingdom is now the main recommendation on Jalup (as reflected in the Walkthrough). Of course, continue to do whatever works for you, whether that is RTK, WaniKani, Kanji Assist, or any other method.

2. RTK Mod

This deck will most likely remain on the site as people are still using it. Working through Kanji Kingdom gave me a deeper appreciation for the way RTK was created. I realize why he made the keyword choices he did, but don’t agree with them anymore.

3. Kanji Assist (Beginner + Intermediate)

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with these. They do not work together with Kanji Kingdom, since the keywords are completely different and would only confuse you. I may phase them out.

4. Total stages of Kanji Kingdom

There are 8 main stages, each one covering 250 kanji (except for stage 8 at 300), for a total of 2050. Stage 9 is a bonus last stage of the rarer or lesser-used “unnecessary now” kanji at the end. The total with the bonus stage is 2300 kanji. The 2300 total accounts for the several hundred more kanji used by Japanese people on top of the Joyo kanji set of 2136.

5. Price Changes

  • Stages 1 to 7 are $19.99
  • Stages 8 and 9 will temporarily be $14.99
  • Kanji Kingdom Package (including all 9 stages) is $119.99
  • Jalup Maximum now includes the full Kanji Kingdom Package and is $349.99

6. Review request

For those of you have been enjoying kanji kingdom all the way through over the past several months, I would highly appreciate any review update of your progress in the Kanji Kingdom post comments section. You can wait till you are completely finished if you want, or give an update now.

7. Jalup Miscellaneous

Now that I have finished Kanji Kingdom, I will be pouring that time into finishing Jalup The Book (more details to be coming soon). Also expect another “Future of Jalup” post to get some new project ideas from you guys.

Anyway, I hope everyone that has been using Kanji Kingdom, and all that will use it in the future will gain unstoppable Kanji powers.

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Kanji Kingdom Completion — 4 Comments

  1. Yay a less painful method of memorizing Kanji is always amazing. Now beginners have it easier than I did, so jealous haha

  2. Congrats! I’m looking forward to treating myself to JALUP Max as a Christmas present this year and it will be great to have Kanji Kingdom as a part of the package.

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