The Comedic Joy Of Post Dubbing

There is no better way to study Japanese than to listen to Michael Jackson. Didn’t you know that? All it requires is the art of アフレコ (literally “after-recording” or post dubbing). Simply put, take a video and add a fake and funny Japanese spoken soundtrack over it. And you have brilliance. I mean how great could that be?

Michael Jackson Japanese Joy Of Post Dubbing

Really? You may need a bit of a higher level of Japanese to appreciate this, but Japanese have taking comedy アフレコ to a high level. And hopefully you can see it below.

Just a small bit of guidance to appreciate it:

1. Title: 明日はピアノの発表会だけどBEAT IT! = Tomorrow is the piano recital but BEAT IT!
2. You count sheep in Japanese like this: 羊(ひつじ)が#匹 (ひき), so when you get up to 144, it would be 羊が144匹(ひゃくよんじゅうよんひき)
3. 寝(ね)られへん! is the kansai way of saying 寝られない (I can’t sleep).


What, you want more?

Here’s another one of my favorites, though it’s very complex.

Ahh wait. Were you hoping to see Michael Jackson speak Japanese? Probably never happened, but here’s a video of him meeting popular Japanese idol group Smap with ensuing hilarity.

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