The Mini Sushi Diet – Guaranteed Success

Sushi is pretty healthy, so it isn’t surprising that there are diets based around it. Eat a lot of sushi, lose a lot of weight. Things are good (except for the fact that sushi is expensive, and you probably can’t sustain this for that long). But here at Japanese Level Up, we take everything one level higher.

Japanese sushi diet? That’s for wimps. You want to be extreme?

Try the mini Japanese sushi diet.

A Japanese sushi shop in Tokyo is making some headlines with his ultra mini sushi. One grain of rice per sushi. The result?

The Japanese Mini Sushi Diet - Guaranteed Success

You could eat 50 platters of the mini sushi a day, and still be fine.

Worthy of a little western news coverage? I think so.

If this becomes the next big diet, remember, you saw it here first.

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