Perverts In Comedy Manga

This may come as a shock to some people, but there are perverts in Japan. Known as 変態 (hentai), and not to be confused with 痴漢 (Chikan – people who take illegal action upon their perverted thoughts). But let’s lighten the subject a bit. In manga, how do you show with language that someone is a bit of a pervert character.

Perverts In Comedy Manga 2

They might just be shopping here…

It all comes down to one simple word.

ハァ (Haa)

Often repeated intermittently as ハァ・・・・ハァ・・・・ハァ・・・・。

Not to be confused with ハ (Ha), which when repeated in succession:

ハハハ (Hahaha)

Is someone laughing like in English.

So what is ハァ?

Say it out loud. Let a deep breath out while you are saying it.

Figured it out?

It’s the sound of deep breathing (which is supposed to represent perverted excitement).

Still having trouble visualizing?

(Don’t worry this is PG comedy manga)

Perverts In Comedy Manga

Now next time you see some ハァ’s you’ll know why.

Scene from the manga: 斉木楠雄のΨ難

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