Playing Poop (うんこ) Shiritori

Shiritori: the magic and whimsical Japanese word game, where you take the last character of a word and have to start a new word with that character, is entertaining for about a minute before you try to think up ways to break its rules. Japanese people over the past millennium have tried endlessly to spice up the thrill factor of the game by having themed shiritori. Food shiritori, place name shiritori, famous people shiritori. But it wasn’t the excitement infusion Japan was hopelessly looking for.

But then came October 23, 2010, 9:45am.

うんこ (Unko) Poop Shiritori

unko no shiritori 1

A children’s picture book dedicated to playing shiritori solely with theme of poop. Every phrase must involve poop (which also means that every phrase must start and end with the character こ (ko).

Let’s look at some refreshing examples. No laughing now. This is a serious game.

Puppy poop

unko no shiritori 2
Calf poop

unko no shiritori 3

Secretive poop

unko no shiritori 4

Frozen poop

unko no shiritori 5

High quality poop

unko no shiritori 6

Poop in love

unko no shiritori 7

Now if only there was a theme song and video to go along with this….

And so shiritori was never the same again (and neither were you after this video). Since I know you are dying to play, the comments section is open to continue poop shiritori.

I’ll even start it off:

高層ビルから落ちたうんこ(poop that fell from a tall building)

And if no one participates, that’ll just leave one embarrassed me.

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