Recreate Your Japan Travels Through Anki

Recreate Your Japan Travels Through AnkiEveryone is always looking for ways to make Anki more exciting and more enjoyable. A tool is only good as how you use it. People do everything from adding images, video, audio, and more, but what about a more personal touch to it? Heading to Japan soon? Perfect. It’s time to create a “travel memories” Anki deck.

You know when you wander around Japan and see something interesting? What do you do? Take a picture. Then upload it to Facebook and brag to your friends hoping they comment in awe?

Turn your travels and exploration of Japan into something more.

The concept is simple:

1. Take a picture of anything interesting in Japan that has Japanese text. It could be a paragraph, a sentence, or even just a word. Strange signs make for great memories.

2. Set up each picture as a card in Anki. If your picture had a paragraph, take a sentence. If it had a sentence, use that sentence. And if it only has a word, find a sentence that uses that word.

3. Repeat and create a beautiful series of cards that mean something personal to you.

In this manner you are creating a travel log and a Japanese trip journal. You know when you take a trip and take hundreds of thousands of pictures, only to never look at them again? Finally a use for those lonely pictures. They will thank you.

Look closer at Japan

When you visit Japan and its many wonders, you get caught up in just the general surface of what you are seeing. But once you start looking deeper, you will find a lot of intricate language connected with the landscape wherever you look.

And at the very least, you now can feel nostalgic while you use Anki.

Anyone ever try something similar to this?

How did it work out? Want to try this out on your next trip to Japan?

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Recreate Your Japan Travels Through Anki — 16 Comments

  1. Great idea! Although I just got back from Japan 2 weeks ago. I’ll have to dig through my photos and see if anything would fit the bill. Definitely a great idea for next time though!

  2. Great idea! Will definitely try this the next time I get the chance. +Words learned in this manner should stick waaay better to memory since there are emotional bonds attached.

  3. Literally the best idea. I will keep this in mind for my prospective trip to Japan in a year or 2. I am such a sentimental nostalgic person, so I would eat this sort of deck right up!

  4. Thank you for the very useful advice! I will go to Japan for a vacation trip this Summer and, after reading this article, I feel even more excited about it!! I literally won’t ever forget about my first Japan trip.

  5. I’m going to be in Japan in a little over a month, so I will at least attempt to do something like this :’)

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