Renting Middle-Aged Men In Japan

You ever sit back and reflect upon something that might be missing in your life? Of course you have. And Japan once again comes up with the answer. You can now rent an おっさん (Ossan) or a middle-aged Japanese man with the click of a button.

Renting Middle-Aged Men In Japan 1

At a cost of 1000 yen an hour, you can have your choice of middle aged men and borrow them for the day. Open to people of all ages, renting an Ossan can provide you all the assistance you need.

They list possibilities such as:

– Love advice
– Life advice
– Career advice
– Fatherly advice
– Mentoring
– Conversation partner
– Walking partner

While 70% of users of this service are woman, plenty of men can take advantage of this as well.

Renting Middle-Aged Men In Japan 2

And I thought of one major use for all of you. Japanese conversation partner! What better way to improve your Japanese than to speak with an Ossan all day, every day. Cheaper than your typical language lessons, this may be a new answer. And you can pick up the Ossan accent and dialect and add it to your speaking arsenal.


I see great things for this.

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    • Looking over the site a little, it seems pretty legit. I’m kind of tempted to rent an おっさん now XD

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