Shingeki No Kyojin’s Ultimate Nonsensical Marketing Strategy

進撃の巨人 (Attack On Titan) has become one of the most popular anime of the last year, gathering attention all over the world. The story is simple. Grotesque (and naked) giants rule the world and are attacking the last defense of humanity. Extremely violent, action and battle intense, and full of colorful characters. And when you think of this show, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Wrong! The answer is blue light reduction eyeglasses.

JINS, the creator of these super PC glasses, has based its new marketing campaign around this anime. Well there must be some really hip and sexy characters in the series that wear glasses, and they are taking advantage of using them as models?


They are merely adding eyeglasses to the main characters. Characters that don’t wear glasses, and are struggling for their lives while their friends and family are eaten alive right before their eyes. Better be able to see this clearly (eyeglass joke).



Think this is bad? It gets worse.

JINS glasses are blue light reduction glasses. Their main purpose is to help the eyes of PC users, regardless if you already have good eye vision, and don’t need a prescription. The show setting takes place somewhere in a fictional 19th or 18th century Europe. The last place you would need them.

Though to be honest, I’m a JINS glass user (which I highly recommend for heavy PC users), and I like creative marketing, which doesn’t have to be rational at all.

However the one change I would make in marketing them is to put the glasses on the naked giants, not the people. It would look something like this:


Don’t tell me you don’t want to buy them now!

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Shingeki No Kyojin’s Ultimate Nonsensical Marketing Strategy — 11 Comments

  1. That is so weird yet so awesome haha. I didn’t even know there were glasses just to make PC less strenuous on the eyes o_O

    • See. 進撃の巨人 will teach you something new every day!

      As for the glasses, you can actually order them on the regular for like $70.

      I think they work, and they prevent headaches and red eye. Though this could just be a massive placebo effect.

      • I got a pair because I spend all day in front of various screens and use them for about a week and noticed I got less itchy scratchy eyes but not much else.

        Then come the next Monday I had sort of misplaced them and after an hour or two started getting a headache.

        For gaming I prefer my Gunnar glasses though. :D

  2. Well, I definitely see how that sells. People like characters w/glasses. They want to be them (or on them). メガネっ娘・メガネ君 wanted! Ditch your chicken suit and wear some glasses. Unless you’re selling them. They sell themselves. Needless to say, ミカサちゃん sure looks fine in those frames, too XD

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