Shirt + Pants = Love

There are some formulas (公式) that will go down in history as important.

A2 + B2 = C2


But let’s not forgot Japan’s new contender.

シャツ(Shirt) +パンツ(Pants)=Love

Shirt + Pants = Love

What does this mean?

C’mon it’s obvious. It’s the formula for a キレカジ大人.

What is キレカジ (kirekaji)?

切れる舵大人 = cutting oar adult?

綺麗火事大人 = pretty fire adult?

Almost there.

綺麗カジュアル大人: Pretty (beautiful) casual adult

And everyone knows the beautiful casual adult wears a shirt and pants for love. Why wasn’t this formula discovered sooner (発見は遅くない)?

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Shirt + Pants = Love — 6 Comments

  1. Speaking of 定理, I love how so many Japanese words (that aren’t loanwords) align so nicely with their English counterparts. Things like-

    定理(ていり) – Theorem
    設定(せってい) – Setting

    You could probably make a future 4-panel comic with that theme XD

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