So You Want To Be A Part Of The Tokyo Olympics?

I’m assuming you are all training. But since there is no “language sport” that the olympics has as of right now, your trip to Japan in 2020 may be cut a little short. But there is hope. Maybe you can’t enter the Olympics, but you can try to make the logo for them.

So You Want To Be A Part Of The Tokyo Olympics

Japan had a major copyright crisis with their original logo several months ago. They ended up withdrawing it due to its similarities with another company’s logo. What was their solution? Allow any person residing in Japan (foreign or Japanese) to create it for them. Nothing could go wrong with that.

Yumeno-san, the force behind all of the banners (have you noticed the new one yet?) and logos on this site, emailed me about this and said he made a logo for the olympics, as a joke, and thought it would be a good topic. I told him we should actually enter, as a rep from Jalup, and then cheer him on from this site.

Of course he had no actual intention of entering, or winning, but it sounded like a good plan. So he fixed everything up, and created a logo to poke fun at the fact that you can’t claim a copyright issue from another country when hiragana is used. That’s uniquely Japanese after all.

Then we looked at the ridiculously strict requirements (which we should’ve obviously done beforehand), and realize that it doesn’t hit about half of them, such as the ban on showing this publicly to anyone, ever, unless it gets selected.

So it was not meant to be, but here is Yumeno-san’s logo. The phrase Tokyo is removed, because apparently there is also a copyright on “Tokyo 2020” according to their site, and since the point of this was to forget about the copyright debacle, no need for Yumeno-san to cause another problem.

I like it. If Jalup ever hosts the olympics (of language), which it will, this is it.

Jalup Olympics

And for everyone else out there with logo dreams, you have a week to submit.

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