Updates: NEXT Advanced, New Audio, Timed Study

Updates. Begin. Now!

1. Jalup NEXT Advanced

Now available. It’s updated for efficiency, fully linked and all ready to go. It is also now a part of the Jalup NEXT maximum package. Get your advanced game on.

2. Timed Study

When it comes to separating your daily study, there are 2 typical ways people like to study.

● People that study by amount (ex. complete 50 flash cards)
● People that study by time (ex. 30 minutes)

The first was already covered pretty well, especially with the goal feature. It’s time to handle the 2nd group.

With timed study, you set an amount of time you want to study for. While you are learning or reviewing cards, the timer clock counts down.

Want to hide the timer while it counts down? Click on the eye. You can also pause or cancel the timer.

Did you ever notice that when you finish studying a short amount of time you set, you sometimes feel like you can go for 5 or 10 more minutes. When your timer is up, it’ll interrupt your study to congratulate you, and ask you if you want to go a little bit longer.

3. Jalup NEXT Search

We are expanding upon more advanced ways to search through your decks. For right now, we just added back of card searching which was lacking from the original search feature introduction.

4. Jalup Advanced Audio (Anki and NEXT)

We’re in the process of recording it now so expect it in the near future.

5. Jalup NEXT Expert

With Advanced finished, we will start working on Expert. However, this will take a while, so expect at least a few months.


There’s always more. But you’ll have to wait a little longer to find out those details.

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Updates: NEXT Advanced, New Audio, Timed Study — 6 Comments

    • Also, just tried out the timer feature. It helped keep me focussed and on task, so definitely a welcomed addition.

  1. Next sounds amazing, and I’ll be right there with you as soon as there’s some way to sync with offline access. Unfortunately I live in a place where the mobile Internet is terrible so no reviews if I’m on a bus/train/out and about…

  2. Thank you! I purchased the advanced deck on NEXT the other day. I also love the timer feature. I used to study this way. Use a set time rather than number of cards per day. If I run out of set time, then I don’t add anymore cards so it kind of balances itself out.

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