Vegeta Vs A Rabbit

For those of you don’t know who or what a Vegeta is, he is one of the main characters from the somewhat unknown anime Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール). Japan knows where to feature their anime to grow its popularity, and that place is obvious.

Vegeta Vs A Rabbit 2

On stamps (切手).

People have to use stamps. I’m not aware of any alternative way to send a message, so if you put Vegeta’s face (顔) all over stamps, people will see Vegeta. They will know Vegeta.

But Vegeta is a fighter. And fighters have to be fighting. So putting Vegeta by himself on an envelope (封筒) is just an insult (侮辱). He needs to face a proper opponent or the letter probably won’t be delivered to the correct address (住所).

And that can lead to only one obvious conclusion.

Now remember, the name Vegeta (ベジータ) comes from “ベジタブル” or “vegetable.” And what do rabbits (兎) eat?

Vegeta Vs A Rabbit


Whoever got this letter in the mail.

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Vegeta Vs A Rabbit — 5 Comments

  1. Holy crap that’s amazing! They actually have a Vegeta stamp, wow! I really really want some now. I would never use another stamp again (expect for a suitable opponent for Vegeta, of course :). Are there more DBZ stamps? I want a Yamcha stamp lol

  2. Posted this to my LINE timeline- a kid I know pointed out that it could also be read as Vegeta vs Radish.

    • Not exactly sure what you mean. Are you saying this kid told you that 兎(うさぎ)can also be read as “radish?”

      • Nope! Rather that he knew the English for “rabbit” and how it is phonetically similar to “radish”.

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