5 Funny Variety Shows you Don’t Want to Miss Out on

Everyone loves a good variety show. Make sure you check out these popular ones that you’ll regret if you miss out on!

5. 爆笑 大日本アカン警察 (Explosion of Laughs, The Japanese “No Good” Police)
Japanese Level: ☆☆☆☆

爆笑 大日本アカン警察

Viewers send videos of things they experience/view in their lives that they believe to be “akan” or “no good.”  The Downtown comedian duo, as the veteran lead detectives, and a team of entertainer/comedian police present these “no good” videos/pictures, and 5 guest celebrities decide on whether they are no good or acceptable.  These videos (which are always hidden camera) include continuing series of:

– Akan yome (bad wife): men’s crazy wives and how they are subjected to their insanity.
– Mori kyoudai: Two 8-year old brothers who are absolutely out of control.
– Kids doing really stupid things
– Inappropriate speeches

This series is ridiculously funny, and since all the clips vary so much, this description does not do the show justice.  You will love this show.

4. なるほどハイスクール (“Ahh, I see” High School)
Japanese Level: ☆☆☆


Super popular idol group AKB48, along with comedian hosts, present topics that you’ve always wonder about, but were never taught in high school.  Popular subjects:

– Mixing together completely random, cheap leftovers from the refrigerator, and remaking them into gourmet food.
– Ways to improve your luck.
– How to create reverse-motion videos that look like magic.
– School uniforms/lunches from early 1900s to today.

3. モヤモヤさまぁ~ず2 (Murky Summers 2)
Japanese Level: ☆☆☆☆


The comedian duo Summers takes you on a tour of the “minor” cities/towns of the Tokyo area, which would normally never be shown on TV.  You never know what you will get in these places, so Summers will help clear some of the fog over these places.  They walk around casually, talking with the locals, and manage to pick up on some of the strangest, unknown, and bewildering areas of Tokyo.

2. ほこ×たて (Spear versus Shield)
Japanese Level: ☆☆


The hosts take 2 absolutes and have them battle them against each other, while a celebrity cast votes on which will win.  Each company/person that produces each absolute introduces why it is unstoppable, with a “max performance” demonstration.  Finally the 2 meet, and see whose absolute is really absolute.  Popular episodes:

– The unbreakable vault versus the “can open any lock” locksmith.
– The unbreakable steel that can’t be punctured versus the drill that can drill through anything.
– The magician whose tricks can’t be figured out by anyone versus the magician shop pro who can figure out the trick behind anyone’s magic.
– The immovable suction cup versus a giant machine that can suck pretty much anything.

1. 世界の果てまでイッテQ! (Go to the edges of the world!)
Japanese Level: ☆☆


The show is split up into different groups who travel around the world, where they: 1) Go reporting on the world’s strangest animals(珍獣ハンター), 2) Participate in the world’s craziest festivals (祭り男), 3) Engage in comical experiments, 4) Find the world’s most rare and beautiful hot springs, 5) Travel deep under the ocean to take back unusual sea creatures to their aquarium, 6) pursue ridiculous challenges, 7) and do much, much more.

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  1. Ok you posted this list 5 years ago with no comments… but here I am, to save the day! :p I have never heard of these shows even though I know Downtown & AKB48, will definitely give them a try (and the other 3 shows too)! Thanks for the lists!

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