Strange Video Game Translations: Ducktales

Ducktales: A Nintendo game with the noble goal of gathering as much money and treasure as possible by stamping on every living thing in sight with your expensively made cane. And Scrooge needs that money. Gotta swim in something right? Let’s take a look at 5 interesting translation choices. Leave your comments below with why you think they made these decisions.

5. Might as well change the title completely

Naughty Duck Dream Adventure

Japanese title:

わんぱくダック夢冒険: “The Naughty Duck Dream Adventure.”

4. Where’d you come from Africa?

Ducktales Japanese translation 2

Japanese version of the third stage:

アンダーグラウンド: underground.

3. The Newspaper article covering Scrooge’s adventure

Ducktales Japanese translation 5

Japanese Version:

“Duck Press”

Scrooge becomes the richest duck in the world!

Explorer Scrooge obtained the 5 treasures and became the richest duck in the world.

You are great!

2. We’re so happy for you

Ducktales Japanese translation 6

Japanese Version:

Huey Dewey and Louie: “Uncle Scrooge, we’re glad you found the treasure.”

Scrooge: “The truth is, there is a more important treasure. That treasure is…

1. And that more important treasure is?

Ducktales Japanese 7

(Japanese version on the right)
Yeah… I don’t know. Feeling a little bit unsatisfied here.


Part 1234

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