Japanese Warthogs Make Better Guard Dogs

Sometimes you need to guard things. Sometimes you need to guard them well. Guard dogs (番犬) are used, but sometimes they just aren’t enough. That’s when you need to change the 犬 (dog) kanji to something slightly more intimidating. How about 猪 (warthog)? Why not?

Warthog 1

“Warning: Guard Warthog. Do not enter.”

Is running justified from a guard warthog? Yes. It is.

Warthog 2

Is using a wild warthog as a guard dog excessive? Yes it is.

Warthog 3

Should you mess around with a guard warthog as it ferociously lunges towards you? Yes you should.

Warthog 4

Will a guard warthog rip apart the thin leash that is attached to its body and attack intruders? Yes it will.

Could this take off in America (次のブーム)? Yes it could.

Source: ウソのような本当の瞬間!30秒後に絶対見られるTV

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