Setting your Random Battle Rate

You know that feeling when you are peacefully walking from town to town, without a care in the world, and suddenly you are greeted with a loud sound effect, followed by a screen blur, and ultimately a random battle?

What's Your Random Battle Rate.

Your encounter rate エンカウント率 (りつ) and random encounters (ランダムエンカウント) are determined by the game you are playing. While they can occasionally be annoying at times, due to the seemingly never ending abundance of them, you know their importance. You occasionally run, but for the most part you stay and fight.

Random battles build your level. They are key to making you stronger. Being stronger opens up access to new areas, exciting adventures, and your ultimate quest fulfillment. In the world of Japanese, “random battles” is all the Japanese you face throughout the day. Whether it’s a few minutes of Anki, reading a small tweet, or trying to watch your favorite anime.

Unlike a game engine, which decides the best random battle rate for you to progress smoothly and successfully to the end, in your Japanese study world, you must make the decision yourself.

You decide and set the:

– Amount of encounters daily
– Difficulty of the enemies encountered
– Skills/rewards obtained for defeating those enemies

Since you are the one in charge, care needs to be taken.

Imagine playing a game where every single step you took was a new battle, that had boss level monsters that killed you with ease. Or imagine a game where you rarely ever get random battles, and when you do they are easy slimes defeated in a second without experience obtained.

Figure out where you are in your Japanese game.

Set the random battle level, rate, and type properly, and I guarantee you that you will successfully make it to the last dungeon.

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  1. This is a great idea. I usually don’t really have random amount of times to work on anki but instead just a bigger slot, but if my schedule ever changes I will definitely apply this!

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