10 Better Ways To Say It: おいしい — 6 Comments

  1. This is awesome! Both this post specifically and the idea for the series as a whole. I’m definitely going to tuck some of these away and deliver them with an all-too-serious look the next time I’m eating Japanese food.

    For some reason they remind me of Tampopo, and specifically this scene:

    Something about the poetry of a delicious meal… or something :D

    • Hahaha liking this video. Nothing better than being able to express the fine beauty of a bowl of ramen.

  2. 美味しい物があれば言ってみたいw

    9. なんとも言えない幸せにな味。→9. なんとも言えない幸せな味。

    • 是非使ってみてください!


  3. Oh my god. This is amazing. Great idea for a series. Plays right to my inner show-off. But at the same time, taking the effort to learn some of these is a great way to show appreciation for someone’s generosity. This is top class material. I will be following JLU very closely from now on!

    • Thanks. I definitely think being able to wield one of these smoothly will show appreciation way more than a simple おいしい.

      I enjoyed putting this together so will try to continue this.

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